A Lot Of Space

There’s a lot of space In a little place Manifestation of the holy trinity Expressing itself Miraculous divinity Everywhere and everywhy All seasons For all of time No limit The …

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Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes And you will see clearly Cease to listen And you will hear the truth Be silent and your heart will sing Seek no contacts and you will …

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Guide Me Lord

Please be with me today Showing me the way In all that I do In all that I am Flowing in this moment of now Relax Surrender I enter the …

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Everything I see Is Me

This realisation came the other day That all is one And all is me All that I am Is all that I see Everthing I see Is mirroring me.

I Miss You

I am sitting in the Park Here in Elstree And it is beautiful And that makes me think of you So I connect with your star To share this moment …

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Look Me

When we feel that someone has wronged us, take a moment. Stop and remember that; We may be judging the situation from a one sided point of view. Do we …

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Keep Breathing

The only way To get through life Is To keep breathing!!! The only way to recover your senses Is to allow That Feeling Live Life Accept strife As part of …

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Heaven On Earth

My heart teaches me To open itself To the rest of me The best of me To the world around me I open myself Let the love in my garden …

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