4 Weeks Jump Start To Wellness

Designed for anyone feeling burnt-out, anxious or low, this program is tailored for whoever feels 'stuck', wishing to feel the natural 'flow' of life. The goal is to increase a sense of joyful aliveness hence, an ideal 'back to work' bundle for any stress related sick leave. The tools offered in this 4 weeks program will boost the entire body/mind helping to find balance and aid the optimum recovery. By the end of the 4 weeks there will be an increase in sensitivity to the signals of the breath and the body and the ability to bring balance to them as well as the mind.
Sessions can be done Face 2 Face or on Zoom, depending upon location.

This program entails:

  • 1 hour per week:
    Introduction and practice of the techniques, tools and recommendations of practice for the week.
  • 3 * 20 mins per week:
    Tackling any issues or reasons for lack of practice, removing any obstacles; physical, mental or emotional.
  • Access to (at least) 5 recommended classes on Zoom.

We work with individuals, giving them access to tools that can be used any time to let go of accumulated tension and stress. Our experience lies in knowledge of corporate life as well as many years dedicated to sharing simple and effective Eastern techniques and formulas.

For more information regarding affordable prices and to discuss the finer details, please send us an email to [email protected] or [email protected] or call the office 01707 643 447 or Matt 07974 340 685 or Dorna 07961 479 898 .

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