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About Pranasana Yoga

Pranasana Yoga was received during meditation in 2007 and has been embodied since then, as a way to enjoy and share life with others of like minded heart.
Pranasana is a process. It is the net effect of the combination of ‘Asana’ which is posture, stance or more specifically ‘(yogic) seat’ or 'throne' with ‘Prana’, life’s essence or pure energy/awareness.
Pranasana is therefore the mixture of pranayam, which is awareness or energy expansion, with asana, the overall frame within which this energy is contained and seen as one with Spirit, relative to the dissolution of the mind and its mirages.
When energy is combined with the intention of a focused heart-mind and the stability of a sound conductor (stable practitioner), one is able to redirect the generative force (primal awareness) back inward and upward through the body, in order to achieve liberation.
This liberation is the understanding that the body and mind are impermanent and the soul-light which illumines them, is the reality which gives birth to our world.
This releases the consciousness from the shackles of earthly life, which are bound by space and time.
In common life, energy or vitality is lost through the senses. In yogic life, this vitality is alchemised/ turned inward, to focus upon its source. This recycling creates a fusion reaction, resulting in the release of increased and refined internal flow. Such improvement in circulation, leads to profound healing and transformation for all layers of our multidimensional Self.

Pranasana Yoga embodies the essence of all traditions, in that the essence of all religions is love. We incorporate 'methods' from Tantric, Taoist and Buddhist schools as well as Hatha, Raja, Kundalini, Bhakti, Jnana, Mantra and Laya Yoga.

Truly, these are all just names and forms. For us, there is only one language; the ‘LANGUAGE OF LOVE’. This is the sole/soul reason that we continue to dance this dance.

Pranasana Yoga also applies Mudras and Kriyas, Yoga Nidra, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Nei Gong, chanting, dancing, laughter, massage and other means of Self Enquiry. All of these wonderful methods remind us to find our way by looking inward. Yoga is a way rather than a practice; it is a view of and alignment with the soul.

We offer a gentle and humorous approach with a focus on awareness, breath and relaxation. We tune in to the ‘breath and the breathed’, in order to gain deep insight in to the nature of ourselves, life and our role within it. We work with people from all walks and stages of life, who come to Yoga for ‘all different sorts of the same reasons’.

We work with the classical Asanas (postures) of Hatha Yoga, Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi, using Kun (form) and Krama (sequencing), to create a prayer like thread of postures which produce a flowing practice.

Our philosophy is largely based upon Advaita Vedanta (Non-Dual perception) and Taoism (Duality derived from the One, which sprung from the Nothingness:-). We allow people the space they need in order to see themselves from within.

Our work  focuses upon pranayam (breathing methods – providing a view to helping students understand how to develop their own consistent practice) and Asanas - and the relationship between the two and other aspects of yogic life. We believe that alignment arises from within the body as a process of release into nature and its intrinsic forces. The net effect is that all three subtle bodies (physical, subtle, causal) gradually resonate harmoniously, which leads to enlightened perception.

Other areas of focus include Yin Yoga (gentle deep tissue release), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep). Long term practice of the classic combination of External methods (Bahiranga Sadhana) with the Internal (Antaranga Sadhana), coupled with constant faith and the Grace of God, lead one to ulitmate liberation in this life and future lives, in whatever form/lessness this may take.

Opening Invocation in all of our sessions is by way of warm and welcoming hearts and smiles and closure may include chanting a simple mantra or affirmation, to seal the practice.

We promote safe and simple ‘methods’, with the effect of stilling the mind through a withdrawal of the senses and understanding of the ego. We are flexible in approach, technique, mind and word. The body-mind intelligence always tells the truth.

Teachers and students are for inspiring each other; Shiva and Shakti dance.

The truth is seeing our reflection in the appearances that surround us. We realise that yoga emanates from within and that there is nothing to learn from 'out there' that is not already present 'in here'. We all remember yoga, as it reveals itself to us from the centre. Yoga is the art of listening, letting go and undoing.

The long term effect of Pranasana Yoga is to create an energetic seal or lock in which one experiences them self as pure awareness, connected to all things and of course the source or void itself. The mind stills, revealing the backdrop which is this conscious light. This is the light that illumines our ‘world story’ and conditioning, in which we used to become so muddled and confused. All questions dissolve in the knowledge of the Self (Samadhi or absorption), which comes to us all, in good time.

Matt Gluck and Dorna Djenab started Yoga when they were children, learning the techniques of pranayam, relaxation and meditation from their parents, in order to deal with childhood sickness and stress. They both became dedicated to yoga many years later, when life provided the insight of the role that it plays in helping us be ourselves, relax and enjoy our innermost being.

Matt is a British Wheel of Yoga and Life Centre qualified teacher. He has been teaching since 1988 (Shaolin Kung Fu) and Hatha Yoga since 1996. He has studied Japanese, Chinese and Indian and Tibetan martial arts and yoga throughout this time. He has mentored for the Life Centre in Notting Hill Gate, helping yoga teachers in training and used to write a monthly column for Yoga Magazine International. Matt published his book and accompanying DVDs, ‘How To Breathe in 2010.

An awakening Dorna had at the age of 16 kept fuelling her intensity to find the truth behind the words “Life is suffering and all suffering is ignorance". On her journey, she was introduced and studied Sufism, Yoga, Transcendental Meditation, Advaita Vedanta and different methods of self-enquiry. She was blessed by many teachers - mystics, philosophers, poets, psychologists, all who were willing to truly share their life as they know it in their core. She teaches all that she came to know to be true by means of yoga, dance meditation and ways of enquiring through the mind.

Most of our free time is given to sharing and discovering the yogic way together, helping each other on a day by day and moment by moment basis.

We are here to help you with Classes, One to One tuition, Workshops, Massage, Yoga Therapy and Counselling, throughout the (North West) London and Hertfordshire area. Book yourself in for a Tune In Session today and find out how Pranasana Yoga can help you to enhance your life.

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