Mindful Breathing

Why delve deeper into our breath?

The fundamental nature of the breath is that, like life, it is constantly changing. It rocks us back and forth, it fills us and empties us, expands and contracts. As we tune in to our breath, we learn to feel the wave-like movements that the breath creates in the body. The movements show us where the body is moving and where it is not. Where there is breath, there is life. Feeling and recognising the movements forms the basis of our understanding of the breath.

When life throws us challenges that seem too big to handle, or when things are not going according to plan, many of us tend to stop the natural flow of events by unconsciously stopping the natural flow of the movements of the breath, restricting them in a subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways. We build our understanding of the breath by noticing how and where we prevent the breath from coming into and leaving the body freely. For this 'effort' is not needed but 'self-awareness' is.

In order to explore how we can strengthen healthy breathing patterns, we need to identify our personal breath holding strategies. When we do, we can learn to free ourself from this limiting strategies and breathe in a way that is in tune with each situation that life presents. Our breath becomes flexible to change and responds to situations as they change, rather than becoming locked into 'one' mode of breathing.

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