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Live from their Online Yoga Studio, Matt and Dorna offer you online yoga classes. Practices include authentic, traditional and modern interpretations of yoga. Joyfully improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being by working with two established and respected Hertfordshire UK yoga teachers. Matt and Dorna have over 60 years combined experience, 45 of which in teaching of yoga / martial arts practices. With sincere and regular practice yourself, you will clearly see what stands in the way of your joy and learn how to eliminate these obstacles.

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We offer One to One sessions to support you in the areas listed below. Please …

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Massage In Herts Massage has been a complimentary practice to most traditional …

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REVIEWS FOR YOGA CLASSES NEAR ME ONLINE ~ Online Yoga Classes with Pranasana Yoga

Thank you Dorna for another wonderful breathing class ~ Every week it's wonderful and in fact I don't want it to end...

Julie V.

I’ve been to yoga classes in gyms, I’ve done YouTube yoga I’ve done other zoom sessions (which were also very good) but never have I had this strange tingling, buzzing, electric calm that I seem to get after an hour with Matt. I don’t know what it is and can’t explain it, but he clearly does something!!

Sam K.

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