AlcheMe – Course in Inner Transformation

Internal Alchemy - Beginner~ Advanced

A Clear and Simple Method to Awaken, Dissolve Suffering

& Activate Blissful Energy~Consciousness Within

Black Hole Manifestation - Full Flower Moon Meditation May '23

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Includes Khecarī mudrā

A Clear and Simple Method to Awaken, Dissolve Suffering

& Activate Blissful Energy~Consciousness Within

In this age of outer technology and comms, Khecarī Mudrā (once shrouded in mystery) is now being explored and enjoyed by more Yogins than perhaps ever before. This training course unpacks the basic anatomy and physiology of the ‘king/queen of mudras’ revealing how the technique arises as a spontaneous unfolding of the ascent of kundalini shakti, in tandem with one’s deepest sankalpa (intention) and in line with the correct application of pranayama, kriya, mudra and bandha.

The course/training helps practitioners;

- maintain a long term practice,
- join many of the dots together as it connects asana, bandha, mudra, meditation towards final moksha / emancipation.
- obtain vision for the path ahead.
-  achieve some/many of the benefits which the scriptures laud (including - vastly reducing suffering/addictions and replacing them with bliss and deep peace).
- achieve Khecarī Mudrā naturally without needing to manually cut the frenulum.

Who Is This Course For?

Are you tired of seeking? Have you found what you were looking for?

You’ve done various other courses and trainings but are still looking for that inner contentment and ease. Much that you love your practice and enjoy that precious time in which you immerse yourself, there is still a part of you which recognises you aren’t quite there yet. You can feel that you are constantly seeking, the effects of practice wear off and you wonder if there truly is a state of non seeking, non grasping, blissful nirvana and freedom of which the saints and mystics speak?

For any practitioners or non practitioners looking for the deeper meaning to life and their unique purpose within it, this course helps to answer most or all of your questions by progressively dissolving them into what is known as non dual consciousness.

The practises contained here are those which have enabled me to stop searching, enjoy the bliss, peace and stillness having finally found how to access and drink from within.

These teachings provide you with a clear ‘hands on how to technology’ which will activate and guide your internal energy, while simultaneously working to dissolve your blocks.

Had I had access to this information many moons ago, it would have made my journey easier. Teaching since 1988, I’ve now systemised this formula to help you find your inner map and unlock the treasure which awaits within.

The methods applied don’t rely on the use of any equipment, mushroom, vine or other exogenous substance. All is cultivated from within. There’s no need for ice or heat or any specific location. All you require is the awareness with which you now read.

Join me on this journey - commit yourself to the practices and wherever you find your self in life, you will see how these formulas act as the taproot for your divine nectar.

My goal is to impart the knowledge and wisdom which has been shared with me over the last half century, to help catalyse and crystallise your awakening - in the safest and most sacred means available to me.

These practices clarify and answer or dissolve your questions, as you move inwards layer by layer, heightening your experience as an evolving soul, spiralling towards source.

Some benefits Include

Deeper insight into life and your signature path Awaken to presence Dissolve suffering Activate blissful energy~consciousness within Heightened states of peace & stillness Energy & healing Clarity, inspiration & creativity Improved resilience, strength & mobility The

Course Provides

A clear and simple method to awaken. A safe, grounded and comprehensive approach to internal alchemy. A hands on 'how to' technology, highlighting the benefits, contraindications and pitfalls, including preparatory and subsidiary practices which promote this rounded, effective and long term method. Workshops build from module to module to reveal the sahaja (naturally spontaneous) state of ecstasy (samadhi) unfolding petal by petal, as your 'bodies' clear and cleanse to reveal the 'pearl' or 'diamond' of your essence. The practices will lead to the teaching of Khecarī mudrā and reveal how the training will enable this to progressively unfold naturally over time. To book your zoom chat and find out more, read the information below.

Course Includes

  1. Self Inquiry which  to reduce and eventually eliminate mental suffering.
  2. Pranayama techniques of India which help one a) understand the nature and role of breath, working from the ground upwards b) cleanse and further awaken the life force c) help burn unwanted karmas.
  3. Qi Gong techniques from China and Tibet which also a) help burn unwanted karmas b) cleanse and further awaken the life force c) heal many, many health conditions of mind and body d) prepare the body for higher more internal practice.
  4. Grounding methods to practice all of the above safely and effectively.
  5. Taoist Meditations to a) connect to and open the subtle body consciously and b) circulate the current through the psychic meridians, further cleansing and activating the process of internal alchemy.
  6. Seminal Kung Fu to preserve and sublimate the vital force, ensuring all practices will have sufficient essence energy.
  7. Nei Gong practice to a) progress further with circulation through the above meridians b) activate the bliss current c) prepare the body for very deep internal cultivation d) heal old traumas by bringing them to the forefront gracefully to be dissolved e) further raise the vibratory level and amplify all of the previous work.
  8. Khecarī Vidya practice - deepening all of the above and releasing the soul's attachment to the physical body and mind in order to return to one's natural state of timeless consciousness.

The above is a guideline of a system or path of training which leads to liberation. The technology is ancient and has been tried and tested successfully by many liberated souls throughout the eons. I have worked through all of the above over the last 38 years and now focus in no 7, which is a prelude to final emancipation. 

The teachings are released progressively relative to your state of attainment, so as to ensure your safety and the efficacy of your time. 

Benefits for Teachers

Internal practice clarifies and answers many of our questions as you move layer by layer, deeper towards source. Profoundly enhance your teaching experience and skill, sharing this in all of your connections.

Where & How

The live course sessions will be taught over zoom with recordings available indefinitely after this. Weekly tutorials on a Saturday 11.30AM GMT.

Apprentice 1 month 12 hrs  £1257 = 4 x 3hr sessions and 2 x 1hr 121's with me.

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Path to Mastery 2 Months 24hrs £2497 = 8 x 3 hr sessions and 3 x 1hr 121's with me.

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Part Course Options

After a chat about your intentions and goals we can focus the time according to your more specific needs in any of the following -

3 sessions £270

4 sessions £360

5 Sessions  £450


The first intake of the course is scheduled to start 7th Jan '23

To arrange a consultation about your course  email Matt 


You have been practicing some form of  discipline like yoga or martial arts regularly for at least 3 recent years in total (or have practiced regularly for a year and have practiced in the past for 3 or more years), have a sincere desire to further your spiritual awakening in a gradual and responsible way, are available for a zoom consultation to introduce yourself (and determine intentions and goals) and you complete a registration and online health form

What Is Not Included

The course is taught in a traditional and fun way. Thus there are no course notes other than those you make yourself, to help you crystallise the experience where you need it.

Beyond the included 121's mentioned, additional support is available at the discounted rate of £70GBP/hr.

There is no guarantee of how long it may take you to attain khechari mudra. This is absolutely relative to each individual. 

It is important to stress that;

A) Khecarī mudrā, although one of the royal fruits of the practices, is not the goal. There are many wonderful life changing teachings included and it is certainly possible to access bliss energy and void~consciousness without Khecarī. If you practice diligently, transformation on all levels is a given.

B) Liberation does not depend upon the acquisition of any skill which you won’t eventually have to let go of.

Ideal For

The course is perfect for yogins, martial artists, truth seekers & light workers.

What You Will Need To Do

Practice regularly what you are learning in the course, ascertaining challenges in your experiences and allow time and the path to unfold for you gracefully as spirit and nature intend.

My Goal

This is to impart the knowledge and wisdom which has been shared with me over the years, to help catalyse and crystalise your awakening - in the safest and most sacred means available to me.

About Me

I was born in 1967 and my journey of yoga started as a 5 year old boy with asthma and allergies. I was told by our family GP that I would always be asthmatic and seeing my mother’s response to this, the seed was planted to pursue my own truth.

I have alway been a bliss junky and in a world of dualities, this has proven to be soothing, enlightening and oftentimes excruciatingly painful. 

Life, my Gurus (teachers) and in yoga, what is termed Antaranga Sadhana (The Internal Disciplines), teach me to follow the stillness and peace abiding at the very centre of the Bliss-Void. At the time of writing this course, this remains the main focus of my meditation.


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