How To Breathe – Online Breathing Course – Yogic Breathing | Pranayama – Beginner-Advanced

Pay Here £35 To Download your Online Breathing Course.

During the course you will learn

  • How to understand the mechanics and dynamics of breathing again.
  • How to reset old breathing patterns.
  • Establish a safe and long term breathing practice to support health and well being.

Price: £30 Downloadable Course


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Ideal to help from A-Z with Asthma, Allergies, Addiction, Bloating, Bulimia, Cancer, Diabetes, Epilepsy and Weight Issues ~

How To Breathe was written and filmed to help individuals support your health and well being, following my own history of chronic childhood asthma and allergies. The course here in MP4 format allows you to download to your home system and watch the modules that will explain simply and clearly how to apply the techniques to help support your health and lifestyle.

The  A-Z Breathing Course was devised to demystify Indian and Chinese Breathwork, known as Pranayama (India) and Qi Gong (Chinese).

There are Breathing Techniques for absolute beginners to advanced students and teachers. They are based upon the 200 page core manual ‘How To Breathe’.

The exercises incorporate breathing for –


Balancing and Stability,

Energy, Strengthening and Cleansing.

There are more than 40 exercises taught, including the benefits and contraindications.

The instructions are very simple which make this course easy to implement in order to establish a safe, effective and truly life changing practice. Effective for short or long term practices.

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