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5 November 2002 0 Comment(s)

When we feel that someone has wronged us, take a moment. Stop and remember that;

We may be judging the situation from a one sided point of view.
Do we have all the facts.
Have we only one side of a story with multiple actors?

Behind all relationships; thoughts, actions and deeds lies the driving force of the
universe – LOVE. We cannot be wronged by the other, only by our belief that ‘the other is wrong’.

The motivating force beneath all that we do is love; love for the self.
This love does not serve to hurt, but to protect and sustain.

Difficulties arise when we begin to think that we are separate, different.

We do vibrate at different rates,
The substance of all bodies is flesh and bone,
The matter of all minds is thought,
The joy of all hearts; love
And the pain of all woes,

As they say. ‘the Lord works in mysterious ways.’

A moment in a second, a moment in a lifetime.

We are all love, expressing love.

The mask and the screen have dimmed our light. The sun shines all ways, above the grey dull sky, or in the middle of the moon’s dance, his glory shines to illumine her beauty. Her beauty provides him with reason for his existence.

The way forward is here
look into your heart
And remember that above all things
We are here to love and serve each other

In doing so,
We are serving God.

Is there a God or who or what is God??

God is origin, the journey and destination.

God is here and now all ways.

God is everywhere and everything.

God is no thing.


Stop thinking and start living.

Start feeling

What IS

and stop comparing


Be yourself and accept EVERYTHING
that you have
and have not

Own your stuff and you will see that it is not real.

It’s a memory
Being kept alive by a belief

Detach, unlatch and let it go.


Life is for learning, living and loving.

Is this not enough?

Abandon your desires and the illusion that they spin.
The appetite of desire is insatiable.
It leads a crazy tune.
It will lead you away from your being.

Everything we eat here, is everything we are here.
Food is attachment which we need to fuel the body.

The fuel of the spirit is the heart’s way.

If you crowd your stomach and mind you will not hear your heart.
If you overburden your heart, you won’t hear your reason and In-Tuition

Tears and burning until we hear the truth.

What is the truth?
The truth IS.

What does this mean?
Look into your heart and you will know.

You will know what makes you happy, why you are this way and that, without falsification.

You will know that you have chosen everything all-ways, without exception.

Own your life and stop waiting for it to happen.

These words are strong?
The truth can be painful?

The truth can be blissful.
Pain and pleasure, brother and sister.

Abandon your fears and doubt your doubts –

We take nothing material with us when we die. Light travelling

Understand the truth in this by feeling the nakedness of your spirit. This allows us to enjoy ‘matter’ now, embrace the physical without mistaking it to be the source of your Joy.

We do take everything emotional, mental and spiritual with us when we go.
Everything that we believe to be true; our reality constructs and their embedded memories.

This is my belief.
It is my ego.

We can carry joy, pain and sorrow with us always. The joy is light and travels easily. It comes from within us.

The pain and sorrow, the guilt and fear are like gold and silver; they are heavier, they are of this world and come from outside of us.

They weigh us down and blind us, unless we see them for what they really are.

We choose our emotions. No one can ‘make’ us feel anything we do not decide to feel ourselves.

To change your life, change your attitude. Start to see the Good in Everything. The God in everything.

See the love wherever you look;
On the face of the newborn babe.
On the face of every single creature, no matter what it is.
On the face of those in anger, pain and fear.
On the face of the ‘ignorant’ (i.e, those you have just ‘judged’), the sleeping, the intoxicated.

See love always by; seeing instead of looking and knowing without judging.

See without judging?

See from the self instead of the ‘I’, the memory of ‘my life’, the conditioned response, the reactor not the actor, the ‘poor me’ ‘what about me’ and ‘please, please me’.

See who’s this ‘me’ and see that this self is beyond naming.

When you see that the person you are looking at is yourself, you will cease to judge them. Chalk needs cheese, to be chalk.

Trying to understand these words, or struggling to believe that they might be true?

If they don’t make sense don’t worry, be happy. It’s all about effortless effort.

Tao of Now!

In the TAO, we call this ‘Wu Wei’. In the sacred texts of Patanjali, we are told that ‘yoga postures are mastered when all effort has been relaxed’.

Easy is right and right is easy – a zen way of thought.


Emotions can act for our protection. They can help us fight or flee.
Emotions can be balanced and harmonised by detaching from the ego and witnessing the ‘child’ within. Allowing this child to play, express itself and when needs must, grow up.

Life is a path –

It is a journey, a trek.
Its ways our steep and its summits are high.
The mountain is rugged, cold and cruel.
It is also caring, loving and sharing.

Open yourself to all possibilities and you will see that the path will unravel ‘Wu Wei’.

Stop looking at your feet and start looking at the beauty that surrounds you.

In the death of winter, life abounds.
In the heart of summer, death is rife.
Look to nature, she is always by your side.

The key is


She opens all doorways
destroys all fears
removes all obstacles
and illuminates darkness.

Love is not just the confines of your fort or family.
It is the unknown
and the unknowable.

© Matt Gluck 2002

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