What’s it to be?

26 July 2019 0 Comment(s)

Little drop of rain

The wind blows you

this way

that way


You quiver

in fear

You tremble



Will the wind blow you

far far away?


What’s it to be?


Will you land gently on soft petals

Or crash on rocks




What’s it to be?


Will the bright sun

turn you to that which no-one sees?


Hang on, Hang on! she says

Something good’s happening here

Fear is gone

All suffering


I’m strong

Nothing can ever



Look at me, she says

Look how deep

how wide

Look how beautiful

I am

when I am the ocean


I hear her joy

she’s so secure

I see her and her allure


But hang on,

she says,

I’m floating up

it’s different again, the sky so vast

I’m being lifted really really fast

What’s it to be?


And her story goes on….

I see her many journeys, her many forms

I see her in and then out

from where she likes to call

Her big blue Home


She’s getting used to it now

This is her life

She has crashed on rocks

She has landed on petals

The sun has made her vanish

But, time and time again

She somehow knows

She’s always coming back

to where she likes to call

Her big blue home

Dorna Djenab

July 2019

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