Keep Breathing

The only way To get through life Is To keep breathing!!! The only way to recover your senses Is to allow That Feeling Live Life Accept strife As part of […]

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Soul Cometh

All of my life I have dreamed of being me And now I am Harvest cometh I reap From the field That to express my self Speak my truth Compassionate

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Buddha Nature

Born sublime Little creatures We climb Learning to think To know And show Striving to pass Get a grasp of the latest Following fashions Believing only the greatest Trying to

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So many people start yoga And so many give it up Some of the reasons Fear of competition Being good enough Keeping up Not being able to Perform the techniques

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Breath Of Life

You can only breathe one breath at a time You are only as pure as your last thought I am there back in the moment of my darkest hour Knowing

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Can I?

Someone said to me, “I want to go to the temple. What do you think?” Someone said to me, “I want to know why I keep smelling my grandma’s scent.

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Food is for living Although sometimes loving becomes food Food is for thought although sometimes thought is only with food Food is for healing although sometimes healing is hindered with

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