Emotional SOS

29 November 2023 0 Comment(s)

In the same way we can do things to help the digestion of food, we can do things to help the digestion of emotions. In the same way that food is eaten and digested regularly, we experience emotions that pass through us every day. Depending on the food or the emotion, the body may need a bit of a boost to help move what is no longer needed, out.

There are a few things that we can do to help emotions move faster:

  1. Conscious, mindful breathing
  2. Applying pressure on specific pressure points (Self Massage)
  3. Using special mudras targeting specific emotions
  4. Moving
  5. Relaxing

Many of you dear readers, may be aware of this. The question is, do you go straight to your toolbox when you find yourself at the grip of emotions? Or, do you stay in the mental condition that created the emotion in the first place. The word ‘grip’ is important in that an emotion that comes and goes and doesn’t ‘stick’ is one that the body is skilled to digest. We are aiming to help move those that body has difficulty dealing with due to the intensity of the emotion or  because it is just drained.


Sitting and becoming quietly conscious of what is going on in our bodies while being aware of the movement of the breath is a very effective way. There are a few breathing techniques that work wonder during emotional times, humming at a low pitch is one of them. So whenever you find yourself unable to shift your emotion hum like a bee.

Applying Pressure

When the emotions are strong and stuck in one particular area of the body, it helps to open the channels that would allow the specific emotion to flow through. For example SP4 (Spleen Channel) is one that helps move worry, while Lu7 is one that makes sadness move.

Applying Mudras

These seemingly simple hand gestures have a very strong impact on the energy channel and the way the breath (wind) moves in the body. We can use them to bring the wind where the rooms need clearing. There are many that we can work with, one being Bronchial Mudra which can help with feelings of isolation, sadness.


All movements of the spine help us find relief from the heavy weight of emotions. So yoga, dancing and walking in nature would work wonder. When dancing, you can choose to express your emotion and let your body show how it feels


In case you have the image of relaxing in front of the TV, check your body next time you’re watching tele and notice just how stimulating it can be to watch what goes on, on the screen. Relaxing means being still, laying down on the floor perhaps for just a few minutes and allowing the floor to vaccum the emotion down.

The idea here is not to fight with emotions, they are here for good reasons and we must appreciate and love the emotional body too. It is because of that love that we bring it help so that it can do what it needs to do (digest) more effectively. If you have enjoyed learning these and would like to learn more or would like to have someone guide you through the process, I have put together 4 videos and one audio file which you can find here:

Emotional SOS – A Course to Regulate your emotions & Rebalance Your Energies

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