Echoes of the Unheard

3 July 2023 0 Comment(s)

It was a winter evening, much like any other. We were going to my father's cousin's house who had invited us for dinner. He was an incredibly inspiring man, whose mere presence could fill any room. Strong and resilient, he knew the power of his own spirit. I used to admire him, pondering the fascinating nature of a man who could endure unimaginable torture and abuse in a political prison and emerge with such strength. I always looked forward to visiting their home, where the generosity of their beings, combined with his wife's delicious food would create an ambiance of cheerfulness and light. It was a stark contrast to the prevailing vibes in the streets of Tehran, darkened by the clouds of war, scarcity, and uncertainty.

That night was different, though. My father seemed restless, unable to settle. Despite the shared memories, jokes, and social pleasantries, he seemed on edge. He would repeatedly get up from his seat, even during dinner, to peer out the window at our car parked nine stories below. We all secretly put his restlessness down to his bipolar symptoms. Despite our attempts to lighten the mood, to assure him that the neighbourhood was safe, he couldn't shake his unease. Eventually, he excused himself and went downstairs to physically inspect the car. As he took the car keys and gave a final glance outside, there they were: two young men fleeing the scene, their hands clutching what appeared to be our car stereo. We were all left stunned, not only by the fact that we had been robbed, but by the uncanny intuition my father had. Somehow, he had sensed them coming, but how?

Dorna Djenab (June 2023)

Excerpts from the coming book 'Mysterious Coincidences' (A Collection of stories from the community)

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