Hridaya Mudra

16 April 2024 0 Comment(s)

Hridaya Mudra

(‘Heart Seal’ or ‘Gesture of the Heart’)

At the time that I was making the Emotional SOS Course, I had not practiced this incredibly powerful mudra but having used it on many occasion, I would like to share it with you all as it has an incredibly calming effect on the emotional body.


It strengthens the  heart and release pent-up stress and emotions. You will feel this within the first couple of minutes. It reduces anxiety and opens the heart chakra. All in a little yoga for the hands! 🙂


It can be used anytime anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes. 3 times for 5 mins is doable for most and will give wonderful results.


Roll the index finger down on itself so the tip tucks into the base aand the first knuckle touches the base of the thumb. Join the tips of the middle and ring fingers with the thumb. Extend the little finger.
It releases accumulated stress and emotions, regulates blood pressure and heart rate.

Dorna Djenab

April 2024

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