“Offer Your Actions to Me” –

16 August 2014 1 Comment(s)

Krishna teaches us in the Bhagavad Gita to offer not just the fruit of our actions but the actions themselves to him.

offer your actions to me

Since I first read this some years back and then had it drummed into me through the teachings of my Guru Sai Baba, over the last fourteen years, its meaning has fortunately and thankfully become clearer.

My understanding from first questioning ‘Can I trust Krishna enough to offer my actions to him’ has evolved slowly to today’s experience of utter (although I know not yet absolute) surrender and thanks to him for re-entering my life and reminding me that it has always been Him guiding and steering the chariot beside my egoic attempts to own and brand everything.

So it is with my thanks and obeyance that I offer these words back to Krishna, with the knowledge that it is he, God, by whichever name you choose to call him, who allows these words to flow from the space within to that with-out. It is not that We (ego) write, invent etc., but rather that we learn to ‘listen’ to what is sounding or vibrating in the ethers and allow this wisdom to flow down through us to this physical plane. And this, a good friend told me fifteen years back, is the meaning of Kabbalah – Receiving. All we need to do is stop our egoic efforts, quieten our minds and move into the magical space of downloading that which life wishes us to receive.

Having received this information, in whatever form it may take, we then remember to let go of any sense of doership or ownership and in so doing offer such gifts back to the source from where they arise.

Thus the renunciate, ‘in possessing nothing, owns the world’  – having realised through life’s tribulations that we come into this world naked and shall exit in the same vein, why try to own anything? Family, car, bank balance, health, sickness, thoughts or feelings?

Better to be empty 
And just let them flow through 
Like water down the mountain.

16th August 2014

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  1. By giving back what we receive allows the creator to become created. The never ending circle of being.

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