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2013 was a good year for me, despite the pain and suffering in my own body and that of the world’s too.
So many wars and so much conflict, evil-doers and goody- two-shoers yet still,
when still,
One can find that inner void of peace.

I started this string in Jan, it’s now mid April……

I have waited ‘to blog’ something more concrete, yet it is easier to flow like water………

bruce lee

…….gather all the small epiphanies that arise during meditation or ‘moments in-between’ and just hit ‘publish’

……… rather than let them gather dust in my mind.


I have shared with a few friends that a couple of years back a friend said to me “you limit yourself” and I took this as one of the best Xmas pressies ever received.

Our soul is limitless…..


Meditation now the fore of my ‘practice’, it becomes clearer each day that to limit ourselves to a small body and mind is to limit our potential to fulfill our purpose here on earth.

It is association with this small body or self as ‘I’ that has kept me leading a ‘selfish’ life which makes effort to achieve rather than the realisation that, as part of this larger cosmic body we can clearly see that all actions bringing us true joy, satisfaction and peace, are those which bring us in to the present moment and usually involve serving others.

We know when in the stillness and peace, ‘the Self within is the Self within us all’ and so to serve others is automatically nourishing to our own soul………. for those moments when our smaller-self needs this reassurance.

Semantics binding, all are parts of the Self – neither small nor big, not limited by a body, a mind – nor form. nor time or space. We start by thinking we are doing stuff for ourselves and realise that it’s all for everyone else, all for the greater good. All for God.

Thus the gates of hell lead to heaven – it’s all a matter of what you truly seek.

Vriksha Kalpa or the wish fulfilling tree – this is the Self or soul – which grants boons to those who persist on the path of non possession, service and universal love. To abide in such love is to experience that the nature of opposites are just that…. Nature – opposites, day – night / rain – shine / hot – cold………… PLEASURE – PAIN

dis ease

Sit with the dis-ease until it becomes this ease.
When you return to this ease,
And look back at the painful freeze

You may realise it was your greatest teacher
All embracing and Loving

What is this pain
Other than too much ecstasy or bliss in one place….
Too much Prana Shakti which has stopped flowing

And Why?

For us to STOP,

stop look listen

Everything is empty. WE are empty.
Not only is this universe maya (illusion)
So are we.

This is what the yogis always said and now too
So do our quantum physicists


We are the dreamer, dreaming and dreamed.

Isn’t it better to enjoy one’s life believing this,
In the nature of eternal life,

Than not?

As we sit and still ourselves in meditation
We see behind the thrall of all thoughts
And emotions
That they are mere dancing shadows appearing from emptiness.

They are ghosts, memories in the great akashic (cosmic space) ocean.


Meditation in the higher centres will reveal pure light which is the source of all of these apparitions. This light is god, it is the light of the burning bush of the Israelites,


The north star or still point for the Daoists

north star

And representative of the indescribable, formless and empty Lord of all.

Om Namah Sivayah 🙂

Let’s not relax into the future.
Let’s relax into the present………………………………….

I can’t keep up with all of Dorna’s blogs!!!! “Aaaaahhhh oh no, say’s the ego”, ‘”who cares?!!!!’ Says the GuRu!!!!!!!

Future lives why worry – relax now!
All is here and now……..

Worried about the future?
About your next incarnation?
which happens in the next moment…………

Relax now 🙂
All is well

Not pain, nor pleasure
To play hide ‘n seek

Just True Gu Ru
Truth within
Peace Peace Peace

Not wanting

Just Being.

There is nothing more
And anything less
Will never be enough.


“Live every moment as your last”……
“Die a little every day!”

Do you realise all your pension and retirement plans are for a future which probably doesn’t exist. These unconscious plans often mean we aren’t here in the moment. We are never here in reality.

I saw while sipping tea


‘MY’ plan or vision

my vision

Was (it came from the past)
To be an old man (some time in a possible future)

And when I get there
I will have this time to sit and do what I want ; drink my tea and contemplate being a young man……
Ha Ha!!!

All to contemplate God – 
who is here, 
No planning required :-).

So I have decided to live the life of my ‘old man self’ now.
Joy 🙂
What were my thoughts of the perfect life.
To live in the sun with wife and kids, drive a Porsche to the beach,
Eat mangoes and gaze at the clouds?

This dream means to be free,
To be totally happy.

I am that” ‘now’.

I can only EVER be that,

It doesn’t come through having or not having.
It is
As, I am.

When was I ever not?

To live in love
And see love everywhere
Is to be alive in the infinite

Being love doesn’t require any adding or changing – again, it just is.
This love only sees itself in the world. When it looks at a hooligan destroying the air through its malevolent poise


It doesn’t label it, analyse or judge it,
(Although, as part of nature, these labels and judgments bring this picture here)

It just sees love which has forgotten itself
and loves it all the same.
It know this unconscious lover
Although it has momentarily forgotten itself………

It knows not what it does
Nor thinks to reason why.

All this Syntax
Is the finger pointing to the moon.

bruce lee kitten
So “Everything I see is me”……..
When I am peace I see peace.
When I am love I see love.

When I want not
Wanting am I not.




It’s a being
That became a Doing


It’s not a technique
There’s no mudra or bandha required
It just is………


When we are HERE
We see everything with the naked eye


When we see from the unconscious conditioned mind

the mind

We see everything through the lenses of past

the past

Or future past eyes

future past

And before we know it
We get the news that a friend has just died.
And then another,
And so on,

Now you see me,
Now you don’t……..

A part of us has just died
Yet a part of us
Is still here!!

Wake up!!!
Said the Buddha
Before it’s too late

Wake up now……………

Meditation and mindfulness practices, allow you to see the repetitive thought stream

From inside/outside the thought.


It’s not that we aren’t normally conscious of our thoughts –
It’s just that we are engulfed in it’s momentum or spell.


With meditation which separates thinker from thought,
The power of the spell is released and we are set free to see the layer beneath

All pointing to the causal –
The ISness
Upon which all superimpositions sit.

Enlightenment takes place now,
Not in any future moment.

When sitting, when practicing,
Where are you?

16th April 2014


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