Spiritual Trap

11 March 2014 0 Comment(s)


If you are reading these words, it is likely that you have tasted the sweetness of your being. You might have experienced at some point or another a union with all, bringing with it a deep sense of peace and harmony.
One of the biggest traps in the spiritual journey is wanting that peace back. Although it’s very natural and necessary to yearn for it and perhaps many of us are on this path because we want to taste that nectar more and more, what holds us back is the pursuit of some ‘thing’. That thing being peace, awakening, union, oneness, expansion, whatever name resonates with the spiritual goody that is sought.

The way our mind is wired, the way we use language and think contribute to our entrapment. We taste peace, we like it and then we want ‘it’ back. ‘It’ is an object. We make peace an object of our desire. A something that we start chasing. The seeking, waiting for, hoping for that some thing is exactly what keeps us chasing our tail.

The nectar we tasted, at the time we did, was the result of the absence of everything. The absence of all preoccupation of the mind. The absence of all that binds us to the world; all our fears and desires.  When our mind is not chasing worldly or spiritual goodies, we are fulfilled, free and at peace. In other words:

We want no-thing!

This reminds me of Sai Baba’s reply to one of his students. The student went to him pleading ‘I want peace’. He replied: Take away the ‘I’, take away the ‘want’, what remains is ‘peace’.

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