An accident on a bridge

8 July 2019 2 Comment(s)

In a splash of a moment
The feared impact
The darkened thick sound

And a knowing:

The feared is here,  it’s happened!

I’m totally awake yet not quite here
Something in me functions perfectly
Almost too perfectly
I know it well but it feels strange
It has a mind of its own
it knows, it acts, it takes the next steps
And from the depth inside
I know I must follow.
I just do.

In the space of the possible ‘other side’
This side vibrates vividly
With life, with love, with so much love

Love feels like a pair of caring arms that lift me
Then another pair
Love sounds like frightened reassuring words
Love buzzes with the energy, with humour, with empathy

In that moment
Love is shocked tearful faces
Love is a caress on my head
a kiss on my lips

In that moment, ‘it’s all OK’ echoes in my head
No matter what comes next, it’s all OK
Moment to moment, heartbeat to heartbeat,
it’s all, always OK.

Nothing matters but love
Nothing exists but love
Nothing ever said or thought
Good or bad
All that matters is love

You know it and so do I
The need to laugh
The need to amuse
even in a sorry state
tells me joy is our mission
Our only mission

In danger and in pain
In the thin veil of in-between states
In the glory of the mundane
Joy is our mission
Love our only purpose

Dorna Djenab

July 2019

Following a minor accident on 800 yo bridge in Italy

2 thoughts on “An accident on a bridge”

  1. Caroline Abrey

    Beautiful, heartfelt and profound.

    This piece captures and expresses so clearly your inner experience of the event. From the awareness of what was to happen to the acceptance and surrendering you felt as it happened and then your response and feelings after.

    Your words have given us as the reader an insight into these moments in such a beautiful and profound way. It is a very moving piece born from the depth of your experience.

    By sharing this piece you generously allow the reader in a sense to be with you as you recall and relay your experience and your inner reaction. This journey cannot fail to move all who read it.

    Thank you x

  2. It’s Beautiful Dorna , thank you for sharing your experience of the love and joy present during that traumatic event . When I ever say or hear “everything’s going to be ok “ it is the reassurance of love that make it so .
    Sarah xx

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