I want what you have

28 June 2019 0 Comment(s)

I want what you have!


I want that which seems to make you happy





at ease




I want that!


It comes in many forms,

so I chase,

I run after this,

then that,

then the other.


Until I find

and it says:

It’s never been me, it’s you, you’re after.

What I give is for a moment

and it won’t last.

Its nature is to fade

into the horizons of void.

But you…


You are what you seek.

Can’t you see?


It’s true, I know

So why?

Why does this chase go on?

Why do I chase the light of the moon, there

when it takes its light from the sun, here?


I guess it’s all part of a show,

one that must go on.

Birds waking at dawn,

Sun coming up,

Chasing, chasing…


It’s nature

no mistake!

So long as I know,

the moon will change,

from the darkest to the brightest

its light forever changing.

Remembering the sun radiates from behind my eyes

I won’t be scared when it’s dark, in new moon

or overjoyed in the bright light of full moon.


The sun,

The moon,

and I

I let the chase go on

in peace,


and love.

Dorna  Djenab

June 2019

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