The Uncarved Block

6 June 2019 0 Comment(s)



Follow the Yellow Brick Tao

To bring you to this moment of now


See clearly

That words appearing

pairing and sharing

Their meanings

Their caring


They all arise

When you gaze quietly

As does the uncarved block.


Did you ever notice

That thought

‘What was I thinking’

Or  ‘What was I going to say’

And wonder where

Did the previous train go

Or from where

Did this one arrive today?


Do you notice the space between

As I did last week when thinking

And happened to glance behind ‘mind’

Prising between the sliver of silver coated reflect


To see the me-myriad that colours each thought

And how an old dialogue had been replaced all a-new

The evolute all swift and tidied up

More aware

More open

More light


Then from that space

It showed me just right

That words just be words

No matter how poignant


Whether the cadence was a constant

Or kept changing  like crazy paving


That real power remains

In the hidden potential

The unlimited benevolent wealth

Of the word that awaits……

Like time never does


To flow in to the hand

That wields the power

Of the mighty destroyer

Or beneficent creator


And did you notice

That we keep thinking, rewriting, stalking our scripts

Over and over

The grooves are so worn

Stuck in them

Or torn between them


Wanting the new

Haunted by the old

And every so often

Delicate enough to be bold


Did you perchance ever catch yourself


That you just keep filling

Without a care


Feeding and regurgitating

Around and around

Until no more man kind


We fell so deeply

That we lost the vision to keep

That last piece of wisdom

That last drop of nectar


We have filled with

And spilled all

The spoils of parents’ toils


Did we stop to notice

It all arises

From the space

In between, behind and beyond

What we think

What we know


And this

My Dear Darling



What I love


About the uncarved block………












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