The healing effects of sounds on the organs

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Micro-massage Organs Using Breath – Sounds


Find Emotional Balance


Sounds can be used to Micro-Massage Organs According to Yoga and Taoist Medicine, sound can be used to bring wellness to the body and balance in emotions. It can strengthen us, bring harmony and release tension. I like to think of it as another tool that can micro-massage the body and reach places that cannot be reached otherwise. To see what happens inside our body (in terms of vibration). watch the little video below. We are after all 75% water!



Taoist Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine are inseparable and we all know that TCM has been proven to work. But, if you’re like me and, take what you don’t know, with a pinch of salt, experiment it for yourself and see if these sounds have any impact on you. And, if they actually create a vibration in your body…

The 6 Healing Sounds
Taoist Practices use 6 healing sounds to energize and bring balance to the organs which can otherwise hold emotional tension. In order for it to work, as we make sounds, the mind needs stay with the location of organ (you can still do this, if you have any organ or parts of it removed). If we make the sounds, without intention and attention, the effect will be far less.

Energy Goes where the Mind Goes

The Organs and their sounds
Although it feels instantly great to make the sounds, it is believed that it takes a full day before their full effects impact the organs.
The way the organs are viewed according to TCM is very different from the Western view so, a little explanation is due. When we work with the Kidney, we also affect is pairing organ. See below how they are paired.
First of all, the
1. Kidneys / Bladder
2. Liver / Gallbladder
3. Heart / Small Intestine
4. Spleen / Pancreas / Stomach
5. Lungs / Large Intestine /Skin
6. Triple Warmer

1. Kidneys – Fuuueee
They are usually low in energy due to our stressful environment.
Emotion Associated is Fear . You can even feel this area contract when you are scared. (tension here, inhibits the breath)
When the kidneys have balanced energy, we don’t lose our cool in fearful circumstances and we have a will power that doesn’t drain. When the kidneys are balanced, the other organs are generally happier and stronger. Think breath, when the region of the kidneys are tight, the breath can’t complete its full course. When our breath is not efficient, all else run with lower energy.
Kidneys are responsible for our general vitality, the health of our joints and more.

2. Liver – Shhhhh

It stores, purifies and releases on demand the blood to the body. It effects tendons and ligament and hence the rigidity or suppleness of the body but also the mind (and our outlook on life). The liver is known to house our personality of the wild natural one within, when it’s imbalanced (low) in energy there is no room for our wild natural self and we can become depressed. It is imbalanced (high), it is associated with anger because our wild natural self has too much room. Hence people can get livid after consuming too much alcohol!

3. Heart – aaaaaah

Perhaps because of the fact that if the heart stops we’re gone, in TCM it is known to house our spirit. The mind originate in the heart. Gives us ability to feel passion, to care. If it’s imbalanced (high) we become too excitable, manic. When it’s imbalanced (low), we become gloomy. Life looses its colour, its luster. Your ability to put things in perspective comes from the heart energy and so is our long term memory.

4. Spleen – Whooooo

According to TCM. the spleen energy, produces the blood and transports it to various organ and processes food to turn it to what the body can use. It is responsible to process information (food is a form of information for the body). It controls the intellect and short term memory. It is also responsible for the body’s ability to regulate its weight. It helps keep things together whether it be the organs in their right place or our ability ‘to keep it together’ in life’s up and down.

5. Lungs – Sssssss

Apart from being responsible for respiration (and staying alive :)) , they are also responsible for inspiration and our creativity.
Keeping the lungs energy strong helps us stay enthused and inspired about being alive. When they’re weak, we dwell in the past, in grief. When there is too much energy, we dwell in the future, in worry. Keeping them balanced, help us stay here and now (where the inspiration is).

6. Triple Warmer – Heeeee

The triple warmer is the central hub of the inner energy in the body. It covers all organs and relates to 3 sections in the body, Chest, Abdomen and Pelvis (navel down). The sound for the triple warmer balances the heat within these region. Ideally, for a healthy body, the low region is warm, the middle is medium and the top one is cooler than the other two. Usually, when out of balance, the opposite is true.


Breathing and the Sounds
A byproduct of using sound is that we strengthen the diaphragm (main breathing muscle), as we cannot make sounds without a powerful breath. And also, our ability to breathe less increase.
To get the most benefits from the practice:
1. Relax shoulders, neck and upper chest/upper back while exhaling
2. Keep the throat relaxed while exhaling
3. Keep the shoulders down while inhaling, so the breath can drop down.

Here is video you can use to practice these healing sounds with me:



Wishing you health and joy! 🙂
For information on our next Breath and Sound Workshop click here:

If this is what sounds can do to these, what could it do to every cell of our organs? Beautify them?!


Reference: Mantak Chia https://www.universal-tao.com/

He is Taoist Master who has spent a lifetime bringing these practices to the West.
Barefoot Doctor barefootdoctorglobal.com/

Author, Teacher, Healer. The sounds I use in the video are taken from his audible book – The Urban Warrior – they are slightly different from those used by Mantak Chia (different lineage) but are the same in principle.

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