No Thingness

10 August 2020 0 Comment(s)

No Thingness

I sit

I sat





Waiting to unfold

Like a rewind of the last signs

Revealed to me

Over a short time


New life they all said

‘Not going to be the same

Never again’

‘Oh no’

Said others

We’ll return

To the churn 

The grind

Let them kick my behind

Peel me until I shine

Like the rawness of rain 

On the unloved window pane

My heart jumped

We all jumped

But once we knew

We were probably immune 

We sat back 


Chilling into stilling the fumes of consuming

It all slowed

Right down

We came back to the ground

Did you see the bees

Oh Lord the trees

Can you imagine it took this much for some to even notice

After half or more a lifetime

For once in a lifetime

The beauty 

Purity shone

It had never gone

Just been jaded 

By our business

Their business

The World’s wants and demands

But hold on Lockdown

World has no wants

Not from us

Other than perhaps we listen

To her heart

So we did

So many did

Three solid months of it

Trapped within the luxurious confines of our laptops and virtual scape

Or walks in the country 

And even the lit skyscrapers in town 

Looked majestic as a Lord’s crown

We bathed in the chance

To dance in the space 

That some took as grace

While for others

It was hell

Rushing from cell to cell

Or patient to patient

“All please just be patient!

Let’s work as a team”

Let’s applaud the meek

Like that Lord with the Crown

A chance for us to all recognise

And sanitise

To familiarise with new eyes

A hug~less world

A brave new world

The end of the world?



Four months later

Gosh we’ve made so much chatter

Monkeys in our trees

While so many have been helping 

And many 

Down on their knees

It seems that some of us

Are returning to our previous life in serving, 

Of commerce or trimming

Back to the grind we are spinning

The mill beneath again we are treading 

All the while we are dreading 

Are we doing the right thing

And why are we doing 

And what are we doing for this why?

Oh my Lord!

Lordy oh why

I remember I asked you 

Exactly 444 full moons past by


On Earth

Oh Why?

Oh Why?

It took many more of those moons to waxy~wane

Before I ever got a response enough sane

That ‘Be~cause’ was 

And still is my answer to ‘why’…


Not the crying victim ‘why?’

Time is now, 

Whether past or present

Seize the moment 

Life is now

So I sat

Just sitting

Feeling low

Expecting on Zoom 

A mid summer’s no~show low

Confidence shot

All the highs of the last few months

Completely forgot

In those moments on Sat 

I sat,

It came….







Oh True Name

My true name

Be true

To yourself what you do

For yourself must be true

For others do 

Truth for them do

Be true

As I’go (My ego)

Did go

Down the plughole

In to my low

Disappearing in to the void

Lower than lowest of my woes

It died

I now sigh

Just realised

I died

As I sat on that Sat

Did I see

The sea of plays

This life has so far caste upon her sail

The boy, addict, father, friend

The lover, laugher,



The Preacher, 

Teacher and bullshit pretence 

It played out before me 

Through me 

As I died

I saw that ego fly and fly, 

Spinning down and round in to the black despair

I watched all the fear, 

And anxiety 

Which was still trying to hide…

Get sucked in to the hole

The black guru of Void

You can’t avoid 

In the End

Being the Cause

From which you come

I saw all the players in this life of ‘mine’


Like those celebs of a grand Shakespeare

Those that loved me, hated me, smiled me

Or blanked me as they passed

Reflections of my soul

We have all travelled by

In Indra's Net 

Out there in the sky

In here in my mind

Did I die

In to the low

Diamond my mind

Die mind

It died!

Nothing remained 

No face


Nor show

I saw it all go

Dissolve in to ground

Wormed and as bones one day found

Out in the ethers

My essence set free

Within the flames

Grasping and non grasping

Both had let go

Letting go 

All gone

Beyond and beyond





Craving and averting

Perverting and flirting 

All these with the ‘me, my and mine’

I saw them all go


The eyes which had seen this,

Ears which had heard

Heart that hurt

All burned in the beyond

No thing ness was I

No I 

Not I 

As by and by 

Moment by moment 

Dipping in and out 

Flitting like a flutterby

Not I

Not I

Not I


This uncertainty which had wreaked havoc

Over four months of LockDownMe

Had finally released

My heart had been torn

‘Tween this way or that

Back to the old way

Or choose the fear 

And fly anyway?

All was clear

All is clear

This dream 

That we dream

Which at times may seem

To be a prison 

Without choices

A persecution chamber 

For others’ vices 


Just Stop

May we stop

Often enough to see

If I can change the small self

I can taste

The real me x:)


Matt Gluck ~ Sat 08 08 2020

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