One Wish

1 January 2021 0 Comment(s)

My sister my brother

there is nothing I wish more

than to see you in anguish no more

yet my wiser heart well knows

this romantic childish hope

is just based on ideals



the turbulence that we feel

is the soul washing and clearing

sieving what is true from what is not

the waking from the dreaming



the heart’s unease

is the inner being spinning

squeezing the lies, the false hope

the arrogance and conceit



the gut’s wrenching

is the soul deeply carving

to reveal the deep treasure

that was for years hiding


Dearest fellow traveller

the wiser heart has one wish

that your soul

in the best way it sees fit

sets your wildest wisest self

out of its shell roaming free


Dorna Djenab Nov 2020

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