The breath, the voice, chanting – Kristin Linklater

1 May 2019 0 Comment(s)

This was the second time I went to Orkney to learn from Kristin Linklater. She is a legend in her field with 60 years experience in teaching and learning about the Voice. Why I am so interested and passionate about voice, because it rides on the breath. A true, innocent, easy breath! But boy, is it easy to breathe easy?! Hmmm…In yoga, working with the voice is done through chanting, alone or in groups or, singing Kirtan. The more effortless the breath is, the more the sounds vibrate the body, the more efficient the healing process.

Yes, your own voice, can heal you.

The way we breathe, talk, sing, chant affect us, big time.

I’ve been known as a natural communicator all my life, only to find out years later (more than 4 decades later), there was nothing natural about it. I have work to do! The rest of my life to undo what stands between me and my true breath/voice. A life time to become conscious of the unconscious and to see just how powerful it really is. Learning not to fight it and instead work with it. Communicate with it and re-educate the ways it sets to protect me…

Valuable thoughts from Kristin:

What we say is coloured by our past, our history, our understanding, our emotions….

We hide the parts of our voice that are most revealing. 

Our face can close the voice off

Our voice can get stuck in the tension of our tongue

Our soft top palette needs to be strong and flexible for the true voice to open.

A clear voice comes from a clear mind

We can hold emotions and not have the need to release them, when we are grounded and connected to our belly

Let yourself be bigger than you think you are, allow yourself to be surprised

Don’t hold the voice in your throat or mouth, let it out.

It’s impossible to work on the voice and not hit brick walls. Sometimes the walls are cracked, sometimes we are…Either case, it seems to work! This leads to the group getting really close and share…I felt so much appreciation as I was flying back to London, that I let these words appear on my notes:

Brisbane, Bogota, Melbourne, Glasgow
Columbus, Paris, Portland, Chicago,
Seattle, New York, Stuttgart, Cincinnati Ohio
The back ground of our story
Led us on the magical playground
What was our work?
To shed
To shed the story, yet express the past
To trust
To give permission to be surprised
To go to the edge to discover
Discover what we deeply know
To feel
To feel, to be
To set free
The spirit that aches to fly
To rattle the cage. up to the sky
To know “I”
To see you and know I
To let you in, to feel your ache, joy, anger and fear
And, to know you as I
To hold your hand, tight
To see your soul, bright
as you listened, looked, felt…ever so tenderly
To know you as I
To hear lies and know the liar in me
To hear love in the lies
The lies that say: I’m willing!
I want ‘this’ to work! 
I want ‘us’ to work! I want this!
I want to crack!
crack open the heart till it includes all!
Yes lies,
Desperate calls for Truth
they protect but also open
Open me to surrender
To new possibilities
Open me to surrender
To this moment, to your life, to mine
To cry
and see your tears as mine
To look
into the depth of space,
that backs the ground of all
‘Thank you’ flies from my lips
Thank you for showing your text-ture
It helped me see, ever more clearly
that You, are part of Me
Thank You, thank You all!
April 2019
In gratitude to Kristin Linklater and the rest of the gang!
Memories of last year, I think you can guess which one’s Kristin 🙂
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