3D Printer

3 April 2019 0 Comment(s)

My eyes closed
My body still

It was clear
This body appears

As though projected
This form

From a 3D printer!!

Science has juggled and muddled through time
Our wonderful brains have ‘scienced’ our mind!

And now we produce wonderful synthetic fruit
Commodities that tie the mind
Binding us further
Behind the line
Of truth that we felt in our youth
Yet let it slip by
With a sigh

As we grasped and then clasped tightly
To these Dreams of a perfect world
Our awareness fixed, like plastic

Our movement heavier,
We’ve become overwrought

Almost overnight
Fixed to pricing and gaining
Monetising and obtaining

In stillness
Through my doors of perception
At reception I saw
I felt
I knew
My sinews
I create

Each hair
My very gait
From every globule of feeling
Every nano-particle of thought

I project like a projector
And create this body of matter
Like a 3D printer
From inside
My Intention-Centre

Our Third Eye Sees
What we believe
The shuttle to the weave
This body we project

Like a 3D printer.

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