Going No-W-Here

14 March 2019 0 Comment(s)

I sat for days
In a daze
In the space of space

For the first time

As time Was
And is

Ever changing


It seems to flow from past to present

Yet Presence or Pre-sensual
Informs, imparts
The interconnectedness of All

I realised
With real eyes
The purposelessness of my life.
The point-lessness
Emanating from this single pointed awareness
That had been brewing for so many hours now

That all points arise from the pointless
As the 1 arises from the 0
I align with Einstein
And that moment I saw my E in Physics O (level)
And understood the E
Is Equal (=) to infinite impersonal mind Illumined by (x) light squared

This lazer beam awareness
Which had been surmounting
Maybe for days even
Months or was it years?

Of stalking myself into this reverie
This waking in the dream
That it's a projection flowing out of my brain

Yes these hands and feet that we twiddled as kids
And observed with a giggle
We knew
Yes we did
It's a point-less dream

Oh don't let this put you off,
Lower you down
Spinning around into the ground

And if you do
Once you've gone right through
You'll also remember the magic of this Dream!

Clarity revealed that space-time is time-space
All must therefore be occurring right now

As space hasn't changed
Only its contents
Appear to come and go

Just like the slides of your old cine
One for every mo that you flow
From this instant to the next

It was illumined there before me
The past is not past although it went past
The future is not uncertain
If you can look out into space and see the past

All is possible
Including most especially the impossible

You see a dream
Although its just a dream
Can take on all crazy manner and means

I real eyes my icy eyes
Are melting melodically into liquid light delight
Our brains are evolving
Hulking up in to Gamma
Then diving deep in to Deltas Void
And dreamless sleep

Where Existence occurs in this single moment
In this droplet of attention

Which is every moment
Compressed or expanded

In this one place
Or space,
Right now

In a single point or place in space time,

This here and now
Is to hear and know

That now-here
IS no-where

All these separate little I's
All these dots which we dot to dot

Arise from the One
Before, during and after it begun

They Only exist because of the none.


Matt Gluck - Pranasana Yoga 2019

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