Khalil Gibran on Love – Narrated by Dorna

5 October 2009 2 Comment(s)

When Love beckons to you follow him

I love this poem because it is a calling to trust life completely no matter what is happening on the outside. It is an invitation for total faith in the generosity, gentleness and compassion of life. Although it sometimes feel tough on the outside and we feel we’re being ripped from all that was dear to us, every step of the way is to take us deeper into the kingdom of God. If we live our life hiding from difficulties and doing absolutely everything in our power to avoid them, although on the outside it might look like we have an easy life, on the inside we are hardening as we are stopping the stream of life from entering our being nourishing us and washing away all the unwanted, poisonous beliefs. The only way to live a fulfilled life is to stay completely naked and open to its current. The more open we are, the more we allow it to wash away impurities by any means it sees fit. The more we bathe in its purifying flow, the more it will reveal its secrets to us. The more we listen, the more we’re in love with all that we see, all of it, including the separate being that we seem to be.
Love is life and life is love, pure unconditional love. In order to truly receive life’s blessing, all we have to do is say “yes” to all that happens and allow it to change us to the point that we can make changes. Changes happen when we say “yes”, because saying “yes” opens our eyes. When we say yes and don’t quiver by challenges, we see everything clearly, as it is without our perception being tainted by the fear of change. When we say “no”, we hide and are unable to see the whole picture. We fail to see all the signs guiding us to make changes. We say “no” because we are afraid that our structured, pre-defined view of life might change and revolutionise the way we live it. By saying “yes” you let life crack open the prison door of your heart, and you’ll be surprised as how big your heart can grow when it’s allowed to have wings and be free.

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  1. Hello!
    I like the poem and the video too. Very nice images.
    Could you possibly tell me where could I obtain the photograph of the bridge in the sky?
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