Unconditional Love

5 August 2009 0 Comment(s)

We all want, crave for and know the value of unconditional love and yet only a handful of people claim that they can give or receive it. Unconditional love is loving without condition, regardless of circumstances and behaviours. Can you say that you are capable of loving this way? Do you think it is possible to receive such love from others?

I have come across many people who resent those who seem to love them unconditionally. They feel that the other is not creating healthy boundaries or find themselves abusing the kindness. I have known people who in the name of giving unconditional love have become door mats, some of them have not stopped giving and showing love regardless of others’ hurtful behaviour. They have become drained and cannot understand how it is that despite all the love they give, they are treated coldly.

The reason why there seems to be no satisfaction in giving or receiving love unconditionally in those terms is that we are missing out on the fact that the only thing that exists is unconditional love. Your hearing or reading these words is unconditional love! Everybody you have ever met has only given you unconditional love. Absolute unconditional love! Pure love makes us grow spiritually; can you see that you are growing every day? Unconditional love doesn’t just come from those who utter the words “I love you”, it also comes from those who look straight in your eyes and say “I hate you”. It also comes from the ones who let you tremble with your feeling of total rejection, lack of love and lack of worth. Their love shines strongly through your being to wake you up from a dream that defines love in certain behaviour and denies the rest. It is a an arrow that cuts through the ignorance that love cannot be defined, cannot be put in a box and be given, offered in a particular shape or form. Who are we to say that a frown holds less love than the smile? Love is everything that you see! ALL OF IT!!

We tend to give ourselves a definition of love and give that version of love to everyone, blind to the fact that love has different forms for different people at different times and it changes from one millisecond to the next, just like the flowing waters of a river. We stop to look in our heart to see how the love wants to manifest itself because we have doubted in the fact that we are love itself. The entire universe including you is pure love, and what arises from you naturally and organically IS unconditional love.

We can wake up to the fact that we love all regardless of what might be apparent. Everyone you meet loves you unconditionally and every action coming from them is a knock to the door of your heart. It is a calling to remind you to love yourself and to see that love is being poured unto you from all directions and that you are radiating love all around.

Do you find any act more loving that this?

We are so lucky as human beings, because we can see the many different roles being played, animated by the same power for the same and only purpose:

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