I’m not going to get enlightened alone!!

7 June 2013 1 Comment(s)

stop sign

Well, it’s taken me ages to put fingers to keys to write this one down, but finally I do so, remembering what a friend recently told me “Just write a few words” !!!!!

Well, it’s all there in the title and it’s definitely true for me (there I go again, ‘me, me, me!!!’). I realised a few months back while meditating, that it is not possible to become enlightened on my own. My ego has striven for years to ‘obtain’ this enlightenment, which of course is the same as putting up a road block which says
“Stop” because you are waaaaaaisting your time!!!!

Like a businessman trying to obtain as much wealth as possible, or a scholar; knowledge, I have been striving to ‘reach enlightenment’ on my own. Well, not all the time, but certainly a lot of it.

It just hit me like a thunderbolt on that day, that everything we do, or don’t, can only be part of the collective whole and that anything I think, say or do affects everyone around me due to the vibrations that I emanate.

To cut to the chase, when one feels/is/becomes enlightened
one sees all else as enlightened too.

Everything is the same.

Everything is one.

It’s all connected,
All is perfection
As there is no differentiation any more.

The discriminating mind has stopped naming everything

And the Silence………….

So, rather than sitting to obtain ‘attainments’ or ‘siddhis’ I now find myself (phhhheweeeee what a relief I can tell you!!!!) sitting to return to the peace of stillness. All ‘practices’ have stopped, as I realise this home truth.

Now, I must tell you,
that I just love to write
But as promised,

Lets keep this brief and sum up with this delightful film that Dorna sent me today, as it captures how I (and I am sure many if not most of us) have spent much of my life……


7th June 2013

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