Asthma or Healing Pranayama?

14 May 2020 0 Comment(s)

Many thanks for getting in touch and I trust this finds you well today.

I am delighted to hear the How To Breathe DVD’s have been helping already.

For asthma – for me, all of the exercises proved to be beneficial.
The key is to follow the feeling of breath, moment by moment…..
Work with what you have and you will see the easing and expansion over time.

Which exercises??

1. All of the Relaxation techniques – this will help you to calm your nervous system and mind – promoting ease and clarity and reducing an excessive adrenal/cortisol/inflammation in the system.
2. All of the Balancing techniques will help – one of the things they do is highlight the core anatomy and physiology of breathing which the body re-learns and integrates in to all aspects of breath awareness. It is very much in understanding how relaxation coupled with deep diaphragmatic breathing (this doesn’t necessarily mean looooooooong breaths) helps the body to eliminate stress/toxins/mucus build up in lungs – which all contribute to the experience or symptoms that we call asthma. As you progress what you may find is that you continue to experience the symptoms but recognise that they aren’t troubling you any more – it sort of feels like ‘water flowing of a duck’s back’ – your body and immune system are becoming stronger as the months and years go by – the symptoms dissolve. This is how the practices have ‘blessed me’ ??.

As well as this – your recognise that many other blessings come your way along with the improved health. Confidence rockets and talents start to bubble up from the depths of one’s being.

3. Any or All of the Energy Strengthening and Cleansing exercises that you resonate with – practice them regularly – especially ’Skull Shining Breath A and B’ and gently, the ‘Upward Flying Lock’ – these are tremendously powerful and will help you to purge your lungs of stagnancy, both physical and emotional/mental past. Asthma is a lot to do with this.

So Key Points are…..

Practice every day a little……
Practice exercises you enjoy and this will lead you to deepening your understanding of their interconnectedness. If you enjoy – you will become addicted and this will lead you to the healing benefits as well as access to the higher states of consciousness attainable through a clear mind.

Water – Make sure you drink about 1 litre a day. That’s water on its own – not with juices or other mixes.

Add some salt – (sometimes) add a 1/4 to half tea spoon of salt to a glass of water – the salt helps to break down and bring out the mucus that collects in the lungs.

Massage Acu-points – Hegu

and the top of Lung7 meridian – every day….

Practice the Tetley Twist (the one at the bottom with the dog!)
daily for a few breaths or minutes – don’t force your neck too far – too quick….


The twist will help release and balance tension in your ribs and diaphragms, promote understanding and relaxation.

Dairy – not too much but don’t create denial
Hot spicy food – same….

Use of Inhalers etc – Don’t give them up until your body demonstrates you really don’t need them. Combine the use of them as previously, reducing them in line with the well being you are feeling from your practice. If you have a low point – eg the farmers have been cutting down all the rape-seed – use your inhalers – be grateful they are there. If you are feeling very weak/tired = time for rest. Don’t do forceful practices – do the relaxation breathing exercises and learn yoga nidra……..

Stefan – I hope this all helps. Take your time and please mail again to ask for help advice. You can always do 121’s with me on Zoom too, any time you need a boost.

Sending you my best wishes and joy,
May the Force be with you and yours,

Matt 🙂

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