20’23 – Out Of Time

4 January 2023 1 Comment(s)

Happy New Year Dear Yogin and hoping this finds you in good spirit and vitality. 

We trust that you have been able to rest and have fun, seeing  ’22 out and feeling inspired as the lights showered across the sky and ’23 said “Hello, it’s me :)”

We enjoyed an amazing break in Ibiza, where we were able to bathe in the bright light and clear blue skies, filling ourselves with fresh winter sun and lovely prana. Ibiza is a truly magical isle, known to be excellent for one’s fertility –  thus so healing for our seasonal colds and inspiring for ones’ spirit. The wonderful thing about holidays is the opportunity they give us to come out of time and into nowness; to enjoy the greatest gift of simple pure presence.  

One realises how much we have that we do not need and how important it is to gift oneself quality time, no matter where or how mundane the walls appear. Thus, we dived in to rest and explored the inner richness that is our human essence, that substratum of all emotion. When the oceanic ‘to do list’ within which we all normally swim, becomes still, we find ourselves lying upon a beautiful raft floating beneath an empty and vast sky like mind. 

In the light of the sun and the calmness of the wind we sense again those gifts which set our passions ablaze and which we all love to share. They ooze from one’s core out to our world, bringing joy and service to those with whom we share our time – be they close family, friends, colleagues or a stranger on the street. 

When I was a boy my Ma used to say you aren’t bored you are boring. So as a grown man I have remembered what it means to repeatedly beat a drum or play a drone on the didgeridoo, until the music becomes me and I, It. The one beat becomes two, the two three and, so on. One sickness of humanity today is that people no longer know how to sit still, without agenda, thereby enabling their creative juices  to reviatlise and fertilise into magic manifestation. This magic becomes more potent with repetition – in Taoism this is called ‘refining the elixir’.

While we were away I didn’t count the days and I didn’t check the time unless asked. Being so ‘out of time’ helps beg the questions why we ‘run, out of time’? If you like running then all well and good, otherwise why not sit, or walk, out of time? Perhaps this can help us recalibrate our compass again. 

Have you tried this today, or yesterday? 

Can you make an intention to do so tomorrow, whether your medium is a drum, clay, water, oil, ink – whether your body be the brush or your mind the sea of insight flowing out on to the keyboard. Just flow, from one moment to the next and flow out abundantly towards all your fellow travellers whom you meet in this beautiful journey here on Gaia. 

Have you been able to reflect in any similar manner over the festive break? 

Perhaps the time wasn’t right for you to do so and maybe you need to wait a little until a door or two opens in your stars – either way – we wish that this year you may find it within yourself to enjoy more the gifts with which you have been blessed – even if some are still yet undiscovered gems, lying beneath your habitual self. 

We send you our love and sunlight and wish that this year brings you all that you need, helps you to simplify and remember how good life can be – in spite of deadlines and especially in challenging times of fear, sadness or grief. 

Life is a wave, sinking and rising – infinitely greater than our thinking mind. When we re-member how to come out of our head and into our body ; out of our story and in to reality (consciousness) we embody the true blessing of being human and the opportunity to watch another sun or moon rise or set.

With love and deep gratitude for you all, Matt & Dorna.

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