20-20 Vision

20 January 2020 2 Comment(s)


Wishing you

Plenty Plenty

Of understanding 

Candid and at times random 

Downloads of info

From the sky dome

Guide us here now

Which way home

Lest we roam

For another aeon 

And die forlorn

Lost and gone 

While our Brothers and Sisters

Fly by and beyond 

To peace offered 

And passed it by 

We did

Oh why

Oh why

For the quids?

And hits


And dislikes


Spiritualise not monetise

Single vision not two eyes

Looking in opposition 

Causing relentless friction 

Then beating up others 

In the mistake for our own muck

Yuck ? !!

Can we not bare

To share the pain more



And openly 

2020 become

What  you’ve always known

You are


Regardless of house or car


Feel the peel 

Of naked display 

Falling away 

That old skin

Those old sins

We picked up on the way

Don’t even know


It just became habit

And then we hid

We invested in it

Sealing the real

From our soul

Lost the goal

We did it

But now told folks

We are

Affirmed by sages near and far

In this world

Or from that cloud

On the clock

Guys let’s rock!

Inwards and upwards

Let these be

The Buzz Words! 🙂


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