Zhan Zhuang ~ Standing Like a Tree

2 June 2021 0 Comment(s)

In Chinese Medicine, the Nei Gong Practice Zhan Zhuang (Jan Jong)  or 'Standing Like a Tree' is a supreme example of the simplicity belies the profoundity.

You know when you hear something that sounds too good to be true, it means it probably isn't 🙂

In the case of Zhan Zhuang, with regular and correct practice, the goodness of which the Masters speak all seems true to me.

Below is one of the practices I have learned and applied over the years and which am now, more than 20 years after first learning it and 35 years of practicing Qi Gong (which is derived from a Nei Gong practice like this) beginning to grasp 'its roots'.
If I told you my journey to healing started with the wish to cure Asthma and ’twas cured, would you have more faith in these words?


How many people have been known to ask an old wise teacher; "Sifu/Guru - if you were to practice one practice, what would it be?”
Often their answers aren't simple and direct, but rather student specific. Are you one of those practitioners who listened to the teacher who suggested: "Well just work on this one thing for a while and you will see how it will revolutionise your entire practice''?
For me there are certain practices which I intend to write about in a collection of works, and Standing Like A Tree will certainly be there at the forefront.

‘Stand like a Tree’ ~ why not try the practice and feel the benefits for yourself?


To progressively dissolve aches and pains
Chronic illness ~ maintain/improve and potentially dissolve (such as asthma)
Energy /Chi flow boost
Well being - Seratonin, Anandamide, Oxytocin....
Centre your energy..
Ground your energy..
The list can go on…

Side Effects...

Radiant health as long as you don’t overdo it.

The practice of Standing Like a Tree can/is ~

Reach the parts that medicines may not.
Self Empowering couldn't be simpler.
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