Yoga Sutra Workshop March 2016

27 December 2015 0 Comment(s)

At Westminster Lodge St Albans
On Saturday 19th March 2016
From 15.20 – 18.20
In studio 1
With Matt Gluck

Reserve your space – tickets £30


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yoga sutra workshop

Join us in a three hour sutra (thread) of classical Hatha Yoga practices, combining bahiranga sadhana (external practices) which prepare us for antaranga sadhana; the internal practices devised from observation of the natural process of withdrawal of awareness from the superficial to the real.

Working from the outermost layer of the annamaya kosha (physical body), practices gradually lead the mind from possible states of ‘dissipation’, inwardly, to that of keen and focused attention. The workshop is mostly practical and will be garnished with the odd pinch of theory to clarify or highlight techniques or processes which unfold.

The session will be divided into 1 hour asana practice (postures) to warm and prepare the physical body, 1 hour kriya and pranayam (cleansing and breathing practices) to flush and reinvigorate the body and stimulate the flow of vital energy (Kundalini Shakti). The workshop culminates in 1 hour of internal practices of sensory withdrawal, concentration and yogic sleep, which naturally lead the mind to deep states of inner peace known as meditation (Dhyana) and absorption (Samadhi).

Open to students with a minimum of six months yoga practice, who are looking to deepen their understanding and experience of mindful awareness, vitality and joy.


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