Yoga Nidra (Art of Relaxation)

22 March 2022 0 Comment(s)

How delicious it is to bring some relaxation through Yoga Nidra when the body craves for it after a long busy day. Mishka is the master. Just looking at her (see the Instagram post) and the nervous system goes ‘Ahhh’ and a sigh of relief is released! 
Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep is the application of a ‘technique’ which after practicing for a while starts to become ingrained in to your nervous system. This means that you are more ‘awake’ or aware to see when you are tensing unnecessarily and thus in a better position to invite relaxation to flow through you. This is done primarily by working through your mind-body-breath systematically to see with a more focused perspective, both tension, relaxation and what one may also term ‘neutral’. During practice we will sometimes create a little tension where we notice it already exists, to invite it to release by an auto-suggestive bio-feedback loop between mind and body.
From our experience this practice is really ideal for most folk and amazing to help deal with insomnia, trauma, GAD, fatigue syndromes and a generally restless mind and body. Mastery comes through practice and this may lead to such wonderful experiences such as deep healing and rest, working with and healing trauma, problem solving, energy recharging and the awakening of lucid or conscious dreams (you know you are dreaming as you dream) and OBE’s or outer body experiences.
For more help with this practice try our CD or MP3  – Yoga Nidra The Light of Awareness
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