The Bellows Breath – Removing Blockages

23 November 2009 0 Comment(s)

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The bellows is known as one of the most important of practices. The reason for this is because of the effect that it has upon the psyche. With regular practice one is able to remove deeply embedded restrictive patterns which blocks or obstruct one’s ability to break free.
Let me give you an example which applies to all of these techniques and which applies specifically here. You may become aware of thoughts such as, “Well I can’t do that, I’m just not good enough.”
When you observe thoughts like this arising from deep within your subconscious mind, thoughts which you had no idea existed you will be amazed. It will become quite clear to you that, as I said earlier on, the only person that has ever been in your way is you. This can be a shocking realisation, but at the end of the day, it’s true. It’s as clear as a ray of light
You will very easily be able to say to yourself,
“I am good enough!”
You may well find this quite amusing, as did I.
I found myself saying to myself many times,
“I am good enough!!!” not because I felt that I had to make up for lost time, but because if felt sooooo good.
In fact it felt truly amazing.
It was a rebirth.
You will realise that you have always been good enough and are empowered to take great leaps of faith.
With this confidence comes new found inspiration. Ideas will flow in, creative projects will knock at your door. You will see how easy it is to take the reins,
And set course for the sunset of your dreams
If you are seeking to lose weight for example, you will be able to see clearly HOW to go about this, without getting in your own way.
You will see HOW to use all of the Breathing Practices, combined with your existing knowledge, to formulate your plan. You will be able to see your goal because your mind will be clear. You will be able to see yourself as your inner self has been prompting you with, these strong urges and signals to change.
One of the major things is that you will get out of your own way!!
You will stop berating yourself for all of your previous failures in life. You will stop pulling yourself down for feelings of inadequacy. You will give yourself the space to make mistakes. You will see that mistakes and failures are all a part of success. They are an integral part without which there is no progress, growth or change.

Extracted from ‘How To Breathe’ Book and accompanying DVD Box Set, by Matt Gluck.

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