How To Breathe – Breathing Book – Yoga Pranayama | Breathing Exercises For Relaxation


This is an abridged version of the Full How To Breathe course, focusing on relaxation, an accompanying DVD for which is available by the same name.


A Course in classical breathing techniques for everyone and all occasions; For Health, Vitality and Joy. This 97 page manual for relaxation, has been extracted from the full ‘How To Breathe’ book. It is a demystified A-Z manual in Classical Yogic Breathing practices (Pranayama) for absolute beginners to advanced students. Includes Theory, Anatomy and Physiology and Philosophy. Exercises focus upon relaxation, although other benefits such as strength, stability and energy will be derived. Detailed benefits and contraindications as well as simple to follow instructions, make this course easy to implement in order to establish a safe, effective and truly life changing practice. If you are stressed out, tired, disconnected, worried, impatient…. These ancient, simple and effective exercises will help restore you to vitality and well being.

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