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22 September 2016 5 Comment(s)


A few days have gone since the SIT (Space in Time) Workshop. When the day ended I felt an immense sense of gratitude. Comments indicated that everyone was taking something with them and had discovered something new within the realm of their bodies. What more could I ask for?

SIT is really simple not to do, and yet, I know – I have heard of one already – that there are challenges on the way. The mind can play many different scenarios to move us away from the very simple act of SITting.

Habits take a long long time to develop, it will take time to undo them and create new ones. It takes persistence! Building new habits is such a gradual process that it is very easy to give up as soon as the first obstacle shows up.

When I feel tension in my body now, I feel excited! Can I release it now? Has my so intelligent body created enough neuropathways for me to let the tension go at will? If not, I stay with it, notice it, get to know it (without resistance) and it either stays there or , all of a sudden, the body itself shows me what I can do to release it. Sometimes, the body just releases it without any ‘doing’ from my part. I feel that the body wants us to discover it and it wants us to untangle it from the suffocating tension we unconsciously create.

I am writing this blog as we don’t (yet) have a forum on our website. I wanted to create a space where those who were at the workshop could write, as comments, their experience. Not just of the workshop but on the practice that followed. A way for us to keep the fire of intention burning. We can all re-ignite that fire in each other. Reading others’ comments, questions, challenges, may help us stick to our practice. We see that we are not on our own and that we are more alike that the mind leads us to believe. True, that we don’t react in the same way to the same things, true that we hold tension in different places but, we all react to something and we all hold tension somewhere! (That is what I have seen so far…)

Let’s keep the fire of intention burning by sharing your experience

Yours, Dorna x

P.S. I’ll be the first one sharing one of my experience: A couple of days before the workshop, I felt tension in my throat when preparing for it. I couldn’t understand as everything around the throat was soft. I did different stretches and released tension around the throat using everything I shared with you. Still there! I scanned my body and checked all the spots that need special attention. I realised that I was lifting my sternum a little bit too zealously and the lift was creating tension in my diaphragm. I softened it and there, just like magic, my throat softened.

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  1. Really enjoyed the SIT workshop, the next step was to experience the meaning to the body of the suggested methods how to SIT ,was putting the theory into practice, this turned out to be more of a challenge .Firstly I recognised the automatic contraction we make in our stomachs when people or circumstances come into our personal space. Then the practice of dropping the gravity down first offered a very relaxing experience but after a short time it then began to feel like I was holding a lid on it & tension rapidly built up .Now aware of the moment of tension I release the dropping down and the practice becomes more easy going. I now don't feel the sensation of keeping a lid on it but am more conscious of when the tension starts to rise through the body. Although tension is still obvious , awareness will always stay that there is a place we can be where everything feels calm, neutral & spacious.

  2. Hi Lisa, thank you for your comment. It's amazing how much we discover when we put our tension detective hat on! The moment you spot a pattern and 'intend' to let it go by giving to gravity, you have started to change the pattern. The brain starts changing there and then as the autopilot is no longer unnoticed. I have heard of many feeling even more anxious…I think it could be that 1) there is a lot of effort involved than needed (intention is often enough – especially at the beginning) 2) we are able to feel more the anxiety that caused us contract our abdomen in the first place. I have spotted many tension point that happen at random times, I am still having to consciously let them go…One thing is for sure, the more I do, the easier it gets and the more energy I have to do what I really want to do! I have started my own SIT journal so that I can look back at it a few years from now and see the difference. Namaste

  3. Week 2: dropping the gravity practice going well , I'm feeling more physical expansion in my surrounding environment which gives a feeling of space and puts my mind in a more observational place although i feel I'm in a good peaceful place , counter feeling of vulnerability are also coming up such as a withdrawal from life , unprotected & exposed to lifes danger, my minds question if I can be active in this state of be-ing ??

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