5 May 2005 0 Comment(s)

Pain, whether it’s physical, emotional or mental is a blessing. Don’t be afraid of pain, it is your best teacher. It teaches you in a very subtle way, without you noticing.

You fight it, you fight your pain, because you know that it is time for a transition to another level of consciousness, but because you don’t know what awaits you, you resist. You cling to the past, you refuse to accept the change, but sooner or later Pain wins. No matter how long your pain lasts, it will not abandon you, it will not release y ou until it knows that it has served its purpose.

Pain is the divine taking you to a different dimension of life. Don’t oppose it. Give yourself fully to your pain and accept its existence. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. The only reason we suffer with our pain is that we do want to accept its existence and don’t recognize its value. We think that pain is not fair, that we didn’t deserve to experience it, that we are being punished for something we have not done. In truth, pain chooses us when it sees that we are ready for transformation.

Pain is the divine calling you to your source, to the source of the pain, not the cause, but the source. The cause could be anything, it is different with every individual; what takes you to pain, may not take me there, but the source is always the same. The divine! The purpose is also the same, to take you closer to who you really are. To take you to oneness, to take you to love! So instead of fighting it, embrace it fully, and sit in its fire. Watch what happens the more you give yourself to it. You may feel an inner opening, an inner space absorbing the pain, transforming it. If you give yourself to it with your entire being, without wanting to change it, with your full and utter acceptance of it, it will let go of you eventually and a more alive, more peaceful, more integrated you will emerge. A charcoal has to go through much heat and pressure to turn into a diamond. Allow the pain to transform you and watch the alchemy taking place within you when you totally give yourself to it with no hidden agenda.

No need to fight pain, it is your best friend, it is your angel. Keep your heart open in pain, that’s what I mean by not fighting it. Keep your heart open to the Pain itself. Once you surrender to it, you surrendered to the divine. Accept that pain and joy are from the same source, one is like winter the other like spring, but both serve their own purpose. One does not exist without the other, and they follow each other in the cycle of life. Surrender to everything that comes your way and in that way transcend the apparent dualities of life See that there is no bad, no good, no suffering no joy. It is all different aspects of the same consciousness, the same intelligence we call life.

As Rumi says in one of his poems:

You were dust and now you are spirit.
you were ignorant and now you are wise.
The one who brought you here will bring you still further.
Your pain will become your pleasure as He draws you near.
Don’t be afraid- His flames are like cooling water.
To give your soul life is His sacred duty,
to break your binding chains is His only mission.

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