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Who am I?
And more importantly why am I?
If God is all how can the ego be separate from God?

To say that the answer is ‘due to ignorance’ is not enough.
God is certainly not ignorant.

Why has he created this play?
Why has he created bad and evil characters?
For spice
Like Chilli on rice?

This is all not enough.

For who is ‘it’ not enough?
My ego?

I meditate

Detachment, desires, dharma, do
Darshan witness
This day I am
This magical, mystical, divine play
Hands clapping,
Spine sways
Air singing
Presence of divine beings
Swami leads
In the presence of new beginnings
Detachment, detachment, de tach ment
Detachment, detachment, de tach ment

Where are you from?
Where are you from?
Where are you from?
Detachment, detachment, detach.

There are slows and there are real lows
Moments of real blindness,
And fear
Detachment unlatching ego
Falling, falling
Let it die
It only lies.

Nature calling beneath silk and
Laces bound
Soul is found where it has always been

So detach friend
Lower thoughts of ego
Higher thoughts of intellect

All is same
All is one

Go, detach
Name and Form
Be gone

Detach from detachment
Desireless desire
Dies the mighty fire of senses leaping
Reaping temporal bliss and then
Lost amist the haze of wanting

Desires desire
Let them try hide from themselves

But no longer from self
No longer jaded


Grain by grain
Desert breezes
Uncover bony land

Once water
Or daughter of ancestors’ traces
No creed or possession of races

Free Mystical Mystery
Now raped by greed
And hate
Never too late

Today is all
Detachment calls

Detachment, detachment, detachment
Detachment, detachment, detachment

I was born on a wandering cloud
Amidst feet of angels
Saintly shroud

Descended through pain and fear
Of Mother,
And brother.

No need for fear.
No need.

From detachment.
Being not doing
Atma seeing
Eyes of body on Eyes
No more worry
God is here
God is there
God is

Blessings and lessons
In becoming what we are
Needed light
Was near
Not far

Yet deaf, dumb and blind
To truth in life
Life is truth
We already are

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

Holy spirit brushes my cheek
Detachment, detachment
Nestles by my feet

Senses spiralling
Chakras flying
Homeward bound
From sky to ground
God in Man
Gifted Hand.

© Matt Gluck
30 April 2003Whitefield India

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