5 July 2002 0 Comment(s)

So many people start yoga
And so many give it up

Some of the reasons
Fear of competition

Being good enough

Keeping up

Not being able to
Perform the techniques of a guide

Others around

Or ego inside


Dao is of not doing

The ethereal force of spirit

The body moves

Without thought

Or strife

Practice forever changing

Nature cycles through seasons of life

Change with the change

Listen to the voice within

The voice that reminds

There is nothing to succeed
No successor to be

No task to complete

No enemy to beat

These are the fool’s folly

Fight and flee

Not for the centred

The wise that can see

Follow the centre

Which emits sound and sight

Force and light

Hear without listening

See without looking

Know without questioning

That you are already complete

© Matt Gluck 2002

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