Breath Of Life

5 July 2002 0 Comment(s)

You can only breathe one breath at a time
You are only as pure as your last thought

I am there back in the moment of my darkest hour
Knowing that
even then I was glowing

Time is mine
To manipulate
Until the moment when my hands will slip
And lose there grip
of this life

I took a breath
That day of death
And made my choice
My intent to live

For one moment
My eyes,
They saw beyond the pain
As my body rose
My soul did freeze
With this imagined self termination

Choosing out
Without a doubt
Was not for me.

That moment
This moment
Are one.

To play with death
Or sing with song
I choose life
Choose to live
Let all go

My parents left me
Lover too
Random selection
Or the Lord’s predilection

I juggle with ‘what’ and ‘how’ and ‘why’
The ultimate reasons for this life of mine

I breathe each day
The wealth inside
Diamonds and pearls
They glow with time

I kindle my nature
Nurture my vision
Thanking God
Who swept away my ‘sin’

Eyes wept
Tears crept
Empty boy

I made a vow
A pledge to keep
To journey long
However steep

I travel always
My cause is inwards

Unravelling as I go
Back into the light

© Matt Gluck 2002

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