Inwards and Upwards

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Tantra Frees

This poem is about the healing, releasing and purifying power of the orgasm. A state of being that brings us into the moment completely.
If we let it.

The orgasm, like a sneeze, allows the body to ‘release’ at potentially neck-breaking speed. Except this sneeze is generated from the lower regions and is driven back into the body, into the spinal cord and brain and all of the internal organs and glands.

This is sometimes known as the ‘backward flowing method’. It is upward ‘Kriya’; an internal cleansing of the nerves and nadis. The essence of the atomic seed energy stored in the testicles and ovaries is retained within the body.

The orgasm is that single moment of bliss, a letting go. It is a surrender to the divine within. The ‘internal’ orgasm is a natural process, which is magnified by allowing the energies to climb and settle, climb and settle. The ‘seminal essence’ (bindu/seed) rises like steam or vapour, purifying all that it touches. The process is completely natural.

Like eating, driving, cooking, working etc., this process is calm and controlled and the beauty is that the control derives from a ‘not doing’, i.e, by relaxing to the body’s involuntary responses or contractions. In other words the amount of ecstatic release is proportionate to the ability to relax and surrender to nature and ‘Thy Will’ as opposed to ‘my will’ which relies upon force and ego-bound manipulation.

The orgasm is enlightening. One is cultivating the immortal foetus within; the understanding that the Self or our essence cannot be created or destroyed, was therefore never born and can never die. This means we are cultivating awareness of our immortality. We have always and always will be ‘here’. We are consciousness moving from form to form and life to life.

The foetus originates from the essence of our ‘original’ cell, which Taoists believe resides within the naval centre. A memorial unification of the maternal and paternal, tactfully awaiting awakening, is the Buddha within.

The orgasm is love, it is the divine manifest.

It is the action and observance of new life, human or otherwise. Sensations of bewilderment take us beyond words, into the realm of the mind of pure heart. Waves stream in joy and thanks for the blessings that we are.

It is celebration in thanks for being blessed in a state of permanent grace. There is a genuine heartfelt gratitude, for our health, wealth, happiness and freedom. It is a prayer in thanks for what we have rather than ‘don’t’ have’. We sense completeness as we are and this is true acceptance.

It is the overwhelming sense of peace and grace that falls upon us as we watch the dying depart.

It is the sun in your heart, the moon in your brain.

An angel whispering.

It is organic chocolate.

The divine is all things, everywhere and always.

The tantric path is more than a method or tool for practice. It is consciousness weaving itself. It is the divine tapping at the door on a cold and rainy night. There is nothing on television, nothing to say or do and nowhere to go. There is nobody to sit with you and nobody to comfort you. Tantra is turning inwards, it is the way, being, not doing.

Method and form(ulae) are adopted as props, in order to guide us and focus our intent. Like all things however, we must learn to detach from all form, if we are to return to the formless. Wu Wei (in the Tao), Ein Soph (Kabbalah –Judaic mysticism), or in plain English, the NOTHINGNESS.

The Tantric path is truth and is direct. It is based upon reverence for apparently dual male and female principles. It knows no bounds and holds no taboos. It is beyond society and right and wrong. The heart’s conscience knows the way, the soul is also here to play.

The goal of the tantric is to experience that state of primeval oneness, by uniting the female (Goddess) and male (God), residing within.

Self –loving, the Self tastes itself.

For male and female, the opposite sexual pole/arity resides within the pineal gland, in the centre of the brain. Hence the expression ‘penis-head’ or ‘fanny-face’.

When the sexual centre and the third eye begin to make love, all manner of worlds unfold, quite literally, between and behind the eyes. The eye is sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. All become one in an ecstatic climbing ‘serpentine embrace’. Male and female unite and the soul begins to orgasm – “Oh god!”

Simple and natural, we often forget the power within. It is both health and creation, reaching beyond mere senses of the third dimension. We are now entering and glimpsing existence as a multidimensional human being. We have leapt into the abyss and the abstract has welcomed us into the unknown; the sea of consciousness, within which space and time gaily swim. Cliché upon cliché unfurls before the self.

We know that we are not what we think we know.


We are no longer our intellect; ‘me’ and ‘i’ are dinosaurs in this realm.

The individual soul (atomic) merging with the Paramatma.

The experience is repeated over and over again, (with breaks in between for tea and muffins) whether one is practicing with a partner or Hands SoLo. With time the physical body enters this ‘non-space’, this vibration, guided by the mental and without the need of sex.

But I like sex!

You sexy beast, you!

– The lower animal instincts have been lifted to higher ground, wherein resides the spirit. Transcendence. This does not mean that sex is low or unnecessary. It is a way of this world, of the physical. It is how we have decided to pro-create. We were lead to believe that it can only be used to create little Janets and Johns. Mais non, zer iss mush mush more to eat.

It is a medium that takes us to other worlds; creation medium manifest.

This also means that one no longer need base one’s life around the need for sexual fulfilment from without. A constant striving from the sense of ‘I am not enough on my own. I need more than me’. A painful strain down the drain.

For the Tantric, there is no need to look outside of the ‘self’ for pleasure. Energy is cultivated and stored.

All is contained within ~ ‘Inwards and Upwards, travelling, I unravel.’ (© Matt Gluck 2002).



“The body is a temple, to be worshipped. It is a sacred place, the home of the spirit. The yoni (sex) of the woman is a holy well, fount of life, source of miracles.


The lingam (phallus) of her partner Siva, is the creative power of the Godhead itself.

Like it!

Each body is the whole world. To make love is to go on a pilgrimage and to arrive home.

I’ll be back in a mo!!!

Those who experience the bliss of merging their souls into the One – they know the meaning of sexual union. All the others just copulate.” (Tantra – © Bookwise India PVT Limited 1994).

As orgasm repeats orgasm (multi-orgasmic), the brain emits alpha and most especially theta level wave frequencies; stillness and internal focus arise. It is like watching the settling of a storm, seeing the clear sky and smelling the breeze. Everything is vibrant with life. Everything is charged with electricity. Nature reminds us who we are.

We are the storm, breeze and sky.

And so, the mind looking inward at itself. This is the doorway to the journey of peace. The abode of heaven upon earth.



Having studied yoga from the viewpoint of the world, the body and the senses, Patanjali (great sage and a father of Indian Yoga) then looked to the world within the body of sense; the mind. He called the mind, “the heart of yoga, more intimate than the preceding limbs”.

These practices were broken down into three segments;

Dharana – steadiness of mind. One’s ability to ‘hold’, to focus the attention on an object.

There is no effort implied here. When perfected, this steadiness is called ‘single pointedness’ (ekagrata). The longer the mind can remain effortlessly focused the more powerful it becomes.

This process cannot be forced. It is a natural falling away, shedding, which occurs gradually, steadily, over time. With awareness we see that we cannot force the mind, but that we can tame its ways so that it becomes our servant. We are no longer enslaved by its treachery. Layer upon layer floats to the surface. Like burning oil on water, or burning dead wood in the campfire, breath-awareness ignites this dross, returning all back to the ether. Nature cycles.

We acknowledge and release. How do we do this? By letting go. By training the ‘letting go’ muscle.

Throughout we see, feel and sense all manner of distracting things.


Don’t get irritated at the irritation.
Don’t get angry at the anger.
Sad at the sadness.
Happy at the joy.

Observe without interference, curtailment or judgement. This is not-doing.
Wu Wei Winnie the Poo.

Dhyana – meditation. This is a process of the mind’s activity becoming increasingly refined and more subtle, while a thread of awareness is spontaneously maintained. The thread may be seen and experienced as infinite possibilities. Perhaps it is Susumna nadi, a silver thread which holds all other stitches in place. The hyperway to the divine. All disappears, revealing the core. We enter the self – No Mind is meditation.

Samadhi – This is the most delicate state of awareness. It is bliss, ecstasy. It is Freedom of concern for ‘freedom or not’, ego or God realisation. There is a connectedness to everything and nothing simultaneously.

There are varying degress of Samadhi, which occur naturally and more profoundly as time passes by. When the self has been exposed, there is no way out nor back. The soul is being united with the mind and body. This becomes the soul purpose in life for the Sadhaka (aspirant). Their Sadhana (spiritual practice) is life and love. The human is being. Nothing else matters any more.

These are the ways to liberation.
These are the cures to all diseases
The end of all wars
The coming of peace everywhere
And always.

“When you make the two one
And when you make the inside like the outside
And the outside like the inside
And above like below
And when you make the male and female one and the same
Then will you enter the Kingdom of God”

© Jesus Christ – The Gospel of St Thomas

And so – welcome to the poem…

Tantra Frees

Connect to recollect
My nature
I nurture

My soul
This pearl luminescent
Within becomes without

I expand
Each breath
Sees me

Merging separation
The light shines
In darkness
I harness my centre
Above below
Yonder belly
And tail

My home on roam
A spark
Speck in the sky

I fly as destiny
Along my path of creation

Body no longer
Melting vapour

My eyes
Turn the wheel

The steel air around me
Contacting my inners

Hands like clouds
Spin a misty shroud
Parting the ocean of infinity

Water rising
Fire below
I bellow
Molten mix
My alchemical sweetness

My lips
My face
I touch

Steam rising
My heart sighing
The kiss
Of samadhi
Touches us all

Channels opening
Vents cooling
Tiger and dragon

Sex self loving
Pineal drawing
This sacred nectar
Pooling in my palace

Heaven above
Am I rising?
Molecular mother my feet supporting

Reminding me why
I am here
Although fleeting

Living is dying
Dying is living
The circle turning
I receive my giving

Pressure in the lake
Serpentine climbing embrace

She coils her whip
Tongue splits
Essential nature
Dancing Dao
Now rising
Into the cavern
Housing spirit
My haven

She twists and turns
Threshes as she burns
My karmic chaos
Forgives my pain
Releasing the bonds
My guilt and shame

I understand now
As the force is rushing
Ascending crescendo
Perinneal torrential ecstasy

Expand and fill
Let go

My veins my life
They travel through me
And I them



One thousand petals
My angel
Her wings shudder

The Buddha within
Sees all
Knows without looking
Hears without listening

I am dying
No more lying
Tis true
Tantra frees

© Matt Gluck 2002

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