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Food is for living
Although sometimes loving becomes food

Food is for thought although sometimes thought is only with food

Food is for healing although sometimes healing is hindered with food.

Food like everything and nothing is energy
Matter which creates matter;

Eat fish and chips and you will turn into batter

If you want to know what you are, then look at what you eat.

Tongue is for tasting and stomach is for gauging
Listen to both independently while life you are sailing

Listen to tongue tell you what it is that you need
And what you don’t,
Leave for the next feed

Eat less
Strengthen your will

Tongue will tell you what it really wants
Stomach’s not just a pit that every meal you must fill.

It gathers and distributes new found energy
Allocating nutritional essence to the hungry children within

Don’t fill the container so much that it cannot contain
Greed and desire cry out ‘I need more self control’

Hungry children without
Starve as they watch
That we are too busy munching and crunching away
Too slow and disconnected to hear what they say

Be right
Eat light
Sharpen the senses, awareness

Eat less
Life is transient
The body we rent

Spirit enters
Occupies the space
Lives out its dreams
And then moves to another place.

See what you are feeling
See what is hiding
When you start climbing the ceiling

Empty the container and see what lies within
What is really missing is the ‘me’ that once had been

If the room is always full or aching to digest
No space or light
For frolic or quest

No light for free flight
No time for rhythm or rhyme

The creator within is starved by its own greed
Habit overrules present day needs

When you finish your dish always leave room for more
And appreciate that life still waits at your door

Listen to your stomach
Fetus watching telly from inside

Override the old software
Change with the change
Enjoy the ride

Drink your solids
Chew your liquids

Mix them favourably
Allow time for brewing
This alchemical fantasy

Each meal is a magic pill
Swallow well
Or you will begin to feel ill

Breath as you taste and savour the delight
Relax as you go
Why rush and fright

Enjoy every bit
You can always have more
And never forget
That life is a two way door

Your food makes your thoughts
Your thoughts are also food

Bear this in mind
Next time your mind starts to rule

You are what you eat
You are what you think
You are what you are
Because you choose to be

Remember that you are in control
Even when it seems that you are not
If you want to suffer
Then keep the inner eye shut.

© Matt Gluck 2002

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