Devon here I come! Angela Farmer Workshop

14 July 2017 0 Comment(s)

Before I go to my 3 days workshop to meet a lady that has influenced my practice, and that I have wanted to meet for the last 3 years, I thought of sharing her principles with you.

This feels like such a luxury. Although I usually do a weekend or a week of yoga workshop where, I play my favourite role of being a student, this one feels very special. Perhaps because I hear Angela’s heart resonate with mine. When I hear her, I hear someone who explains what I like to express in such simple and eloquent manner. She is truly inspirational!
I’ll be chanting, singing and doing lots of sound yoga, on my way to Devon to meet her!  I hope that I’ll receive some of her wisdom through the mind, the heart and the body…But more importantly through Osmosis!

If I take any notes and I usually do if the classroom allows, I’ll post what I learn here or even better, hopefully I’ll bring what I learnt to the classes!

For now, enjoy this video which although long (47 mins), is worth every second!
If you’re a serious (yet playful) yogi/yogini, I recommend you watch her here:

What Yoga is about for Angela Farmer

“A breath for me is a way to come back home…I think the breath is the greatest friend we’ll ever have. It comes in at birth and doesn’t leave until we die. And it knows us more intimately than anybody will, because the breath goes to every cell of our body…” – Angela Farmer
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