Boost your resistance to stress and your heart’s intelligence

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breathe in and out lge

Dr. Patricia Gerbarg (Assistant Clinical Professor in Psychiatry, New York Medical College – Harvard graduate) and her husband Dr. Richard P. Brown (Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Columbia University College) have done many studies on the working of the breath and its effect on our Nervous System. Their findings, using modern scientific methods, backs up what the ancient yogis have known for over 2000 years:

A breathing ratio of 1:1 (inhale and exhale for the same amount of time) increases your body’s ability to ward off the effects of stress.

If you have plenty of time: Practice this 10 minutes a day
If you don’t have time: Practice this 10 minutes a day x 2 (morning and evening)
If you’re a super busy super wo/man: Practice this 10 minutes a day x 2 (one session in the morning, one in the evening) + set yourself reminders to do it every 2 hours for 2 minutes.

Watch this video if you need a bit more motivation as this breathing practice is also great for the heart!

Boost your heart’s intelligence and stress resistance

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