Yoga One to One

 We are based in Northaw Village just outside Potters Bar, Hertfordshire (Greater London) UK. The majority of our students live in and around Barnet and Potters Bar with a reach as far as St Albans, Finchley, Muswell Hill and abroad, such as Canada and New Zealand.

Why consider a private one to one yoga session?

This is helpful when:

– You wish to develop basic confidence before joining a class practice.

– You wish to focus on specifics which you aren’t able to discover deeply enough in a class practice and/or you simply wish to receive more personal instruction.

– You may have a specific goal you are working towards, such as preparing for a job interview or feeling more in shape for an exam, holiday or wedding.

– You may have a specific health issue such as anxiety, which a few 121 sessions can help target the cause of the problem, provide the tools and skills to combat the challenges and find a potential solution/cure.

– You are unable to attend classes and 121’s fit your schedule better.

– As a yoga teacher, you may wish to focus on specific teaching skills, improve your personal practice or understanding of teaching yoga.

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