What does it mean to FORM~alise things?

17 March 2021 0 Comment(s)

What does it mean to FORM~alise things?

A funny little synchronicity occurred for me this morning……

My back complained as it’s been doing a bit in the last couple of weeks. 

Two whiplashes and a loose~ish frame that is prone to bones shifting. I’ve probably done more core work over the last 15 years than you’d believe so let’s not go there 🙂

 It’s just too easy to make the thought ‘oh my back’ ‘my back’s back’ and the emotions that go with it into a bit of a story. We all do it in various ways which is why 95 percent of our thoughts come from yesterday. Tell me this isn’t true and I’d love to chat with you 🙂

I know that many of us have even spent years working on not doing it and of course this has helped in helping us all raise our level of awareness…

 As Shakya-Muni said, “Wake -Up” 🙂

I’ve played the ‘I’ve got my back’ and ‘I’m taking a step back’ recordings many times too. 

So on this occasion as I stood and brushed me teef 🙂 I opted for the highly rated method suggested by many of the top gurus…. they say ‘neti neti’ which is ‘not this, not this’.

It means ‘I’ said to my mind and emotions immediately after they winged, ‘not mine’, ‘not I’, ’not me’.

I just flatly refused to formalise the story whose title would be something flamboyant like ‘My whiplash is lashing its whip!’

~ As soon as we FORMalise that thought, we also allow that mental construct to manifest into form.

‘I’ awareness or Amness is that which is looking out and the beautiful synchronicity was that five minutes later, I went in to the studio to get ready to teach and read my Guru Sai’s ‘Thought For The Day’, read as follows…….

“Many devotees ask Me, “Swami, I want happiness.” Where is this happiness? Can you buy it in the market? Will any company supply you bliss? No! It is very much in you. You are not able to experience it since you do not have faith in yourself. You do not have love for God. Love is within you, but you are diverting it towards the world, not towards God. Worldly love is like passing clouds. Develop the love that is unwavering. It neither comes nor goes, it is in you always. Have unflinching faith in its existence. Question yourself, “Do I exist?” You get the reply, “Yes, I do exist.” That is the true faith. Here is a flower, a handkerchief, a tumbler. The word ‘is’ denotes true faith. Have faith in your existence, “I am.” That is true faith! You do not need to enquire into the nature of God or to search for Him. Have total faith in Him. - Divine Discourse, Sep 3, 1999 Sathya Sai Baba

CAN I INVITE YOU to investigate the next time you notice you are thinking or feeling anything which promotes dis-ease i.e any form of irritation, angst, impatience   - viz suffering ~ to look in the same way - ‘Not I’ or ‘Not me’, ‘Not Mine’

You may find this very challenging if you’ve never tried and if you are really challenged by your situation it will be that much more difficult. Yet, the beauty is that at the same time, I’ve found it easier to say ‘not I’ (give it back to God/source from whence it and we come) when I’ve been extremely challenged (you know, when you cry, want to cry or feel so angry it feels like hot thunder exploding from your every atom).

If you find this difficult try to understand this - 

as Sai Baba used to say to some of his devotees coming for his Graces,

(single ‘quotes’ as not his very words)…

‘You say, “I want peace” - 

it’s very easy 🙂 

Take away the ‘I want’ 

and all that remains is ‘peace’  

or  remove the ‘want peace’ 

and the ‘I consciousness’

alone remains.


Matt Gluck 17th March '21 ~ Pranasana Yoga

Neti Neti
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