We are not who we think we are

1 February 2012 0 Comment(s)

Meditating Blue by Elaine Kelly


We are not who we think we are
Not the height nor the breadth nor width nor depth
We are so much more
We are every man woman child
We are the universe
and in all its glory
We are in the cosmos
The sun the moon the stars
The rays and particles that stream through space
We are the ocean currents
and the mountain face
We are in the fruits of the earth
that nourish our bodies
In the fish caught in the net
by the boy at the ocean’s edge
We are in the boy and in his actions
Everything is connected, all that
we breathe is of one breath
The earth and everything in it is His
The voice of creation calls us
Our voice is His voice
The waterfall sing out His Song


Poem by Debbie Seary
Artwork by Elaine

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