Tai Chi (Taiji) / Qi Gong / Nei Gong One to One

We teach Taiji, (Tai Chi), Qi Gong (Chi Kung) and Nei Gong derived from experience in Shaolin Kung Fu and then specialist training in these areas over the last four decades. We have studied Yang, Wu and Chen Style forms and chose to devise our own so as to remain as free spirited as the essence of these Arts propagate.

Thus our forms are based upon the classical precepts and tenets of Chinese Martial Arts, with a focus upon the cultivation of Chi (breath/ life force).

Inspired from the heart of the Shaolin Temple via Boddhidharma (who brought the monks the internal wisdom of Siddhi Yoga from Southern India), by the rogue monk who was expelled from its walls and the young boy who secretly watched from a treetop the ‘inner teachings’ of the old man practicing by the moon reflecting on the water,
like all monkeys, we too have experimented with what comes and use whatever sticks.

We enjoy both healing and martial aspects of Taiji; the essence of opposites and their play in nature.
We are more interested in teaching the internal fundamental principles coupled with simple movements which help one relax, unwind and rebalance, than sharing complicated patterns that lead one away from the belly and into the head.

Thus we teach the bodymind, observing as people let go of the ‘thinking’ mind as they learn and have fun too. Over time, what may have seemed complex, having been broken down, is simplicity itself. Yin and Yang, binary, all quantums leaping from the one, which sprung from the none.