Surprised by Song by Jacky

26 October 2011 0 Comment(s)

It was a sacred Moment, I sat in quiet peace.
Enfolded by the silence of a meaningful release.
Hushed was my heart and quiet
It dared not even whisper low
For the silence was more golden than mortal man could know.
And then there came upon my ear
Heaven sent voices sweet.
Angelic Chimes it seemed to me as I worshipped at His Feet
Voices blending with the silence, rich in harmony
A thousand, thousand callings arranged in melody.
No longer quiet was my heart
Nor wanting silence then,
But filled with joyous rapture with the attention of this hymn.
It swept away the sorrow,
That is not akin to Pain.
Glimpsed I then eternity
And was made whole again.

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